3 Things To Help You Decide If You Need A Dedicated Server

February 20, 2012 · Posted in Web Hosting 

When you are buying a hosting plan, you would come across many different types of hosting plans. You may notice that there are more users of shared enviroment plans compared to dedicated hosting plans. This is mainly due to the lower price range of shared hosting plans. The reason for the lower hosting fee is due to fact that users will have to share the server’s options with other users. A lot of these resources include bandwidth, computer space, security, etc. In other words, they are paying rental to get a portion of the server plus they have no control above how these resources are allocated.

If control over the server is your top priority, dedicated hosting will probably serve you best. Although the selling point of total control seems seductive, it is not always the most effective idea to use the following hosting plan. If your website is quite small scale and somebody planning to expand it much when you need it, you may be spending a lot of money on resources that you may not use. Also, you may not need a whole lot of of control over your site if you’re not planning to have a large business site. There are 3 factors that you should consider to help you determine if you would like a dedicated server.

Speed could be the first factor you should look at before opting for a passionate server. The speed of your service is important to make sure that your visitor’s browsing speed is fast enough. Sometimes the speed could decrease as may be visitors increase. If your shared hosting plan’s resources are no longer able to support the quantity of visitors to your web site, it may be time for you to switch to a dedicated hosting plan.

The second factor you should consider is the reliability of the hosting company. The lack of reliability in the service can cause quite a lot of unnecessary problems such since constant downtime or technical glitches. If your site is constantly experiencing technical glitches and downtime, it could tarnish the professionalism of your enterprise and it could mean you can lose your customers. With a dedicated server, you can solve these problems immediately because they arise instead of required to wait for technical help like users of contributed servers.

Lastly, flexibility and the option of customization is something you would be able to enjoy as a user on the dedicated server. As time period passes, your site will grow which means the amount of resources you’ll require will grow additionally. This could be quite a problem if you are using a shared hosting plan as you will find yourself stuck with the allocated number of resources in the internet site package that you signed up for. So, when the resources allocated are not any longer sufficient to support you website’s growth, you would have no choice but to switch to another plan. You would not face this problem if you were which has a dedicated server as you can adjust the amount of resources you will find yourself using on the server. . Dedicated hosting is a necessity for those website owners with huge websites getting countless hits every month. For them things like shared enviroment plans might work fine in the past but now it has grown to become impossible to continue with such plan. A server is nothing but a piece of hardware which is rented to you by the hosting corporation. It comes with its very own processor, RAM and hard drives and also with superior bandwidth capability. Thus a server allows any program to follow it is installed. Also they would help you give access to other users to connect to the server and use the programs that you make use of. These features have made dedicated servers highly sought after among the regular gamers in the internet.

There are other features of any kind of dedicated server hosting which might be equally good and these are typically:

Excellent customization facility: Almost every hosting approach of any dedicated server would help you customize the dedicated server. Thus you can choose the features you want and pay accordingly. Also you would get an array of choices regarding the OS IN THIS HANDSET. However, for this you need to know first which operating system could be the best for your software programs. Any dedicated server would also help you choose the type of control panel that you want.

Trustworthy together with reliable: The best feature associated with any server is that your website would run just in one server and you should not face troubles as a result of server getting congested because of the applications by other customers. Your web site would probably get exclusive server together with bandwidth. Thus there will be no slowing down or quiet time.

Intense security: This is the best part of any server. No one other than you can access your server. Accordingly, your website is free from the threats of malicious software or some other virus attacks. Also in the plans you would probably get the option of getting an external firewall so as to furthermore secure your web site.

Own IP Home address: In every server there does exist one own IP address and then the IP address of your domain are going to be unique and will only show a web site. Thus there will be no going slower of your server with zero traffic from other web pages.

Constant improvements: In the plans of every server you would discover the opportunity of increasing your internet-site bandwidth, RAM and processor chip speed. Also you might get the option of changing the os’s. These are indeed beneficial features provided aimed at your website.

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