A Cool And Economical Option – Lawn Trimmer Edger Review

December 28, 2011 · Posted in Family 

Now that I’m finished and got the heavy work out of the way, using this again next month will be a piece of cake. My drive looks nice and neat.

I definitely had power to the edger. It just quit. As they say “the right tool makes the job easier”. The Edge Hog was very easy to assembly and adjust. Has more than enough power to cut through the overgrowth on my badly neglected sidewalk and driveway. Some reviewers have indicated that this does not work.

I installed it and the thing was working like a dream. After 30 feet or so of edging, there was a noticeable power drop and then the unit started smoking.

I had to go over the same spot a couple of times so it could cut the sheer amount of grass that was over the edge of the driveway. Once I got that part out of the way I feel it will be very easy to use since the grass will never be overgrown like that ever again.

I used to have a gas-powered edger, it’s just a hassle compared to an electric one. Excellent in trimming along flower beds.

It’s a slight safety concern because if the user momentarily stops to adjust the extension cord it could tip over as they are re-grasping the trigger to start again. All things considered, I love this edger and would definitely buy it again. I love this new edger! It was easy to put together and easy to use. This unit wasn’t inexpensive…paid about $80.00. I’m going to spend a couple hundred and but a quality edger. I have used it twice, and it does a great job on my lawn. Unit operates as described in advertising on Amazon.

In fact, when I had finished edging with my gas edger the first time I came inside and loudly proclaimed to my husband that from now on, edging was his task! It’s not that I didn’t want to help out, I just couldn’t. I’ve only used the Edge Hog twice since getting it this week but it’s been fantastic. I haven’t edged my property for about 10-11 years and the sidewalks were overgrown with grass, vines, and branches from bushes covering up to two feet of the sidewalks.

When you are removing a lot of material, it is much easier to edge a dry lawn than a wet one. Removing 3-4 inches of wet dirt is not easy, but this unit was up to the task.

A few notes – Only use it when it is bone dry outside. windshield repair resin.


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