A Fantastic Option – Wellness Core Dog Food Review

January 19, 2012 · Posted in Family 

I have now chosen a food for them that is GRAIN FREE and they are now starting to chow down like they once did. We will have a long recovery road ahead for our male dog as his coat and face has it the worst.

We got her from the shelter where she was on Science Diet. She had a ton of skin issues (formerly had fleas, patches of bare skin, itchy dry skin, and dandruff flakes).

The bag I received was 35 pounds and not 30. Clearly Amazon made a boo-boo here somewhere. When one purchases a product that is called Newman’s Organics, one would expect organic food. Not just the vegetables, which are much less expensive to be organic than the meat or chicken.

In addition to my issues, my breeder, who recommended the food to me, and who has been feeding her dogs Canidae for much longer than I, has taken her dogs off the food. Her dogs became violently ill, vomiting non-stop, itching, acting lethargic. We are told to improve our diet. The same is true for our pets. We tried pretty much every brand that you can buy in pet shops and always had problems with my dog scratching or having her ears get bright red. We found out the problem after one of the cases where she almost went into renal failure after eating her Milkbone treats.

I also feed my two dogs Newman’s Own biscuits as treats. I adopted a dog that was raised by a bunch of frat age boys.

My dogs like it and I feel good about it feeding it to them. I foolishly purchased the HARMONY FARMS Healthy & Holistic Adult Dog Food, since it had more for the same price (why it had good reviews is beyond me). Riley is still looking good. No sudden hair loss, healthy, energetic, eating as I type, still happy with this decision, and am still using it. This is a complete disregard for the dogs they supposedly care for. I understand they need to make money but notify the consumer so they can make an educated decision or buy the old formula at a higher price. Our dog is 13 years old and for the last couple of years, his stomach has become particularly sensitive. We tried various brands of dog food before settling on Newman’s Own. Great product and my dogs love it. Now I must admit there will be flatulence, and it can be rough at times.

My dog has eaten this food for years and years until, out of the blue, my local grocer decided not to sell it anymore. I then had to grab a bag of food for her because we were out completely and decided to get Beneful.

I was delighted to buy it on Amazon. The price for the 12.5 pound bag is slightly more than what we were paying for the 7 pound bag locally.

Diamond was involved in the dog food recalls where dogs were dying from the tainted food. receipt organizer scanner.


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