A Few Facts About Oriental Rug Cleaning

July 12, 2012 · Posted in Home improvement 

Many people do not know that not all expensive carpets can be called oriental rugs. These are actually made by being hand-knotted or hand-tied of wool. By definition, they come from the orient. Since it is very valuable, many wants to know different ways of oriental rug cleaning Richmond VA.

Beautiful carpets are those that have great color balance and harmony, clear design, good texture, and yarn coating. However, Persian rugs are different types of carpeting. Many people, though, thought them to be just the same.

Persian rugs were made formerly in the country of Persia that we now call Iran. The genuine rugs are very thick in nature and are hand knotted. It then became very famous, so many other places followed and started making theirs but use the same name.

Its quality means that it should be taken cared properly, most preferably by professionals. This will help avoid damages and keep its durability for it to be used for a long time. It is also very necessary to follow some simple steps in taking care of it at home.

The carpet must be moved regularly. This means you should rotate in once in a while so that all sides will be exposed to the same amount of traffic. If you do not do this, one side will become torn first than the other. Another thing is that put a carpet pad to prevent damages in the edges.

It must also be cleaned immediately. This will help prevent permanent stains, but avoid using cleaners that may cause damage to it. Always start removing the blot by wiping it with a clean and dry cloth. Also, do not press the vacuum too much as it causes damage.

The most efficient way is let professionals handle the cleaning part. As long as you always have oriental rug cleaning richmond va, it will make your antique rug look new. Also, it helps preserve its life and beauty.

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