A Glance At Greyhound Dogs In Spain

December 16, 2011 · Posted in Family 

The Spanish people use greyhounds to a large extent in the hunting season in their country. They call the dogs Galgos in their language and the dogs possess a great hunting skill and the instinct to work as hunting dogs. Nevertheless, there is another issue regarding the use of greyhounds in the country which has gotten the interest of animal rights groups and other international organizations.

It has been a conventional practice of hunters in Spain to slaughter their hunting dogs after the season is over. The hunting season ends in January and the large majority of hunters are not keen on keeping their dogs as pets till the next season. Hence they put an end to their dogs’ lives. There are places in the countryside of Spain where you can find numerous carcasses following the end of hunting season.

It’s not at all known how this practice originated but history records that nobles in the past would display hanged and tortured greyhounds publicly to prevent the peasants who may be thinking about protesting in groups from doing so. The Spanish usually torture the dogs, instead of hanging them to die in an instant.

The hunters purposefully tie the hanging noose in a way that allows the greyhounds to support themselves up with their back legs for a number of days. When they eventually succumb to thirst and hunger, they lack the energy needed for support and they fall into the noose and die as a result of suffocation.

Although the practice of killing greyhounds has gone on for many centuries, it has gotten the attention of the public only a short while ago. The people of Spain are infamous for their cruel handling of bulls in their traditional bullfighting sport but this barbaric tradition of slaughtering greyhounds looks to be a rival or something that exceeds the very unpleasant tradition in cruelty too.

For some people the truth that the greyhounds are used then later put to death is an extremely inhumane act. For other people however it is the manner in which they are put to death which is a great cause of concern. It is estimated that more than 10,000 greyhounds are hanged in this manner on an annual basis.

Hanging is just one of the methods used to kill greyhounds in Spain because you can find some hunters throwing the dogs into abandoned wells or leaving them to loiter in the woods and die due to hunger. You can also find burned dog carcasses littering the countryside.

There are more than 30 million people in Spain that engage in agricultural activities and hunting is a primary mode of acquiring food sources for them. Most of them make use of greyhounds in the hunting season.

Having said that, these farmers state that they are not capable of providing good housing and food for the dogs on an annual basis because they lack certain facilities. According to them, this is what leads them to kill the dogs when the hunting season ends. The reason for killing the dogs is therefore not as important as the method followed to kill them when considering the issue.

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