A Must Buy – Powered Lawn Edger Review

January 6, 2012 · Posted in Family 

I would have much more stability if it were a straight bar, especially when all you have to do is push the edger. The pistol grip is better suited for hedge trimmers and reciprocating saws. But much to my delight the Edge Hog cut through everything like butter. What I was expecting to take a few weeks took a few hours instead. First we found out that we had lost about 6 inches of driveway because of overgrown grass and second we realized we could not get as clean an edge as we did with this edger. It took a while to initially edge since we were cutting so much grass but it was well worth it. The cord proved to be no trouble at all, and in a way was much easier to use than a heavy battery that slowly destroys your back. Plus, no awful gas mixing and ridiculous noise. I have used it twice, and it does a great job on my lawn. Unit operates as described in advertising on Amazon.

By the way, I don’t know what to do with the extra blade that I ordered, because the current one doesn’t seem to be in trouble for a long time to come. Wish you luck.

I was a bit leery of an electric edger, thinking it might not have the power to do the job. But after reading many of the reviews here decided to take a chance.

The guide lines on the blade guard really help to align the blade perfectly to ensure a perfect cut. However, I did have trouble with taller edges. The front wheel has worn quite a bit too and wobbles now but all and all, well worth the price if you don’t mind a power cord. I expect a 4th, I just put it up for the season and it showed no signs of quitting so I will at least get part of the 4th year out of it!

Although I wish I could have figured out how to use the weed eater to edge my lawn, this purchase was what my lawn needed. Future edgings should be quick and convenient.

I am in a newer community and I discovered that there are many rocks along the edge of the pavement and my yard. The edge hog threw one of these rocks toward my neighbor’s house, and almost hit her and could have easily shattered a window were her car in the driveway.

I had expected the edger to cut the grass cleanly. If you don’t want to deal with gas-powered edger, this is THE ONE.

I am learning how to dig a trench and get better with the edging. You will like how easy it is to handle.

I recently purchased the Black and Decker Edge Hog and used it for the first time a couple weeks ago. It has much more power than the electric edger that I previously owned. You should also be aware that things will get pretty messy when you’re using it as the dirt that’s being displaced is flung at high speeds in a forward direction. Of course, there’s really no way of getting around this when you’re edging or creating trenches.

It is lightweight and easy to use. Kitchen Microwave Carts And Stands.


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