Academic Regalia: A Representation Of One’s Academic Success

July 4, 2012 · Posted in Education 

Hard work and commitment are essential components to academic success. These are the foundations of true success which you must build and rebuild through time. It is not adequate that you set up the foundation. Reconstructing, remolding and defining the foundation through the years can also be needed. Your education is really a continuous learning process which is why developing your foundation should also be so. When this process has obtained its greatest objective, your graduation will mark this accomplishment. The very symbol of one’s hard work and determination is reflected in your regalia. The graduation accessories says everything. [I:]

Putting on your regalia properly is the appropriate way of paying tribute and respect to your endeavors and to your alma mater. The cap, gown, hood, tassel, stoles, cords as well as other accessories make up the regalia and these items must be worn the proper way. Knowing how you can wear them correctly will provide you with much pride and self respect while you march to the stage to receive your diploma and honors. Here are a number of suggestions on how you can wear your regalia correctly and the way these items represent your educational achievement.

The Cap

There’s a better reason why the cap is used on the head aside from its original function as a protective head gear. The cap is really the symbol of a graduate’s earned wisdom. Knowledge is earned through the classroom lectures, books and other educational methods. However, wisdom is acquired through knowledge alongside experience and personal learning. Knowledge is really not enough for a person to truly discern his or her state of being. Wisdom is needed to make good decisions, to make dreams come true, to make major actions, to understand reasons and purposes. Through your educational years you’ve not just learned knowledge but have obtained wisdom which you should always nurture. Putting on your cap on your graduation day signifies this remarkable value to you.

The Gown

Your gown has to be neat and appropriately ironed before you use it. Make sure that the hem is sewn accurately and no thread is protruding from the lining. A doctoral academic regalia has more detailed designs so make sure to check on the details. Making certain that these are all set means that you value the symbol of the academic achievement which you have attained. The gown symbolizes the symbols of your certain degree as well as the school from which you’ve earned the degree. This indicates you give significance to the foundation of your academic success.

The Hood

Getting the correct size, design and color for your hood is necessary. The hood signifies the level you’ve achieved. The longer and narrower the hood is, the higher the educational level a graduate has obtained. The velvet trim of the hood tells you which degree a graduate holds. The satin of the hood tells you which school the degree had been earned. The hood is worn over the shoulders and it gently falls on the back of the gown. Make certain you check on the accessory as you drape them making sure that it falls smoothly on your gown.

The academic regalia is indeed a representation of one’s academic success and everything that you have dedicated into achieving this. Nevertheless, the real reflection of this accomplishment still lies in you. It lies in your heart exactly where your commitment to pursue all challenges come from. It lies inside your mind where your honest commitment has flourished. Lastly, it lies within your spirit exactly where your determination to make it happen made it happen.

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