Advice On Comparing Double Glazed Sash Windows To Single Glazed Windows

December 30, 2011 · Posted in Real Estate 

For new home owners, the ins and outs of window design can be confusing. You might wonder how to go about comparing double glazed sash windows to single glazed windows. Here are some simple tips which will help you to understand the difference between the two products.

Single glazed and double glazed are terms that are pretty straightforward to understand. Single glazed is a type of window that has one plane of glass. In contrast, double glazed windows have two planes of glass. There are a variety of reasons why people change single glazed sash windows to double glazed versions.

Energy efficiency is an issue that attracts many people to double glazing. The extra layer of glass helps to keep in heat and block out cold drafts. This can result in a warmer house in the winter and less money spent on energy bills.

Furthermore, double glazed sash windows can help to sound proof your home. Sound pollution from outside your home, such as traffic, machinery, neighbors, etc. Can be significantly impacted by double glazed windows. Many people notice a surprisingly big difference to noise levels inside their home after installing double glazing to windows. Of course, double glazed windows cannot help with noisy kids and pets inside your home! However, they can provide a sound barrier so that neighbors are less affected, if you have a particularly noisy household.

Home owners who install double glazing do not necessarily have to have all the windows modified at once. For a less expensive option, many people target their efforts. For instance, windows that are very exposed and thus prone to drafts may be a good place to start installing double glazing.

Furthermore, some home owners like to install double glazing in rooms where noise levels are an issue. An example is a bedroom with a window that faces a noisy road. One approach is to gradually install double glazing in a few windows at a time. This helps to spread the expense over a longer period.

When it comes to comparing double glazed sash windows to single glazed windows, you should keep in mind the style and period of your house. Particularly with older houses, it is important to choose an appropriate style when replacing sash windows. Many double glazed windows are designed to copy the original and traditional features of a house. This will help them to blend in, so that you are equally satisfied with the appearance and function.

The use of double glazed sash windows provides satisfactory protection from the extremes of temperature variation. Sash windows are an efficient way of air flow control.


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