Advice To Assist You In Creating A Beautiful, Natural Boundary Hedge

June 20, 2012 · Posted in Home improvement 

Most homeowners immediately think of fence panels when they are enclosing an outside space. But quality fence panels are often quite costly, especially when your project involves big areas.

A 100% natural hedge however, gives you an excellent alternative. A hedge can help you to resolve a range of problems like lack of privacy and security, in the same way as you can with a fence or wall. Look for plants that grow successfully in your locality when looking for the ideal varieties to use for your particular project. Your local garden or plant nursery is likely to be your best port of call as they will stock plants suitable for where you live and staff are often a great source of advice regarding your project. It is a wise idea to get your hands on a soil kit to determine the kind of soil you have on your land, as you will have to purchase plants that are most suitable for your garden.

To be on the safe side when using plants not normally grown nearby, you must first research to make sure they are going to be compatible with your local conditions. Keep in mind that native plants are usually more successful due to their resistance to local plant diseases and so on.

So, establish the soil type, choose the plants you are going to use, and then calculate quantities and costs.

A number of gardeners choose to plant an entire hedgerow using just one plant type. This will achieve an attractive, often formal look, or you could try combining different plants for a more natural look. When working out the ideal spacing for planting, you need to know their full growth size to give them sufficient room to spread out. Most plants are spaced at between 2 or or 3 feet apart.

Whilst planting hedges is not complicated, it can be surprisingly hard work. Preparing the land well and digging the correct sized holes is not something you can hurry. Holes at twice the size of the root ball are the minimum size you should aim for. You will give your hedge the best start by making sure your preparation is thorough. Make sure you plant in a straight row, pull a line across to be sure.

Water your hedge in, then step back and admire your work!

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