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May 31, 2012 · Posted in Education 

Student education loans are very popular funding ways. People wish to have a degree and make the life as they dream. And the number one factor determining the wage is the education. That’s why loans for students and other types of financial aid (e.g. grants, scholarships) have huge importance.

AES and It’s History

AES is a loan servicing institution that helps college students pay for college. The significant point to remember is that it’s not a lender who provides money. Instead it’s a organization helping college students to make payments, get notifications about future payments.

At the moment AES is known as a leading student loan servicer in the industry with about fifty years of experience.

AES Services For You

AES services are decent and have giant strong sides making it appealing for students to utilize. In order to make use of all services it’s required to register first and then you will have a full access. The registration is elementary and you will have no problems dealing with it. In the end, by signing in you receive a number of tools to use.

The full access to all services includes several options: your account, repayment section, postponing payments, tools and resources. Each option has certain pros in it inside.

The initial option is called “Your user account”. When a college student creates an account it’s the primary destination when he logs in. Your account feature allows managing and provides the overview of other important data like rates of interest and taxes. It’s essential to note that AES offers extra help in the form of FAQ’s for interest rates and taxes sections. Additionally, there is an opportunity to see interest rate charts. The charts are typically shown in the form of tables and contain info on of loans and rates. This function is very informative for student borrowers to know more about loans essentials.

The next tool is called “Your Loan Repayment” and it’s very important for student borrowers. Bear in mind, that education loans (federal or non-federal) are real loans like car loan and must be repaid. So, it’s necessary to have options to make payments with no trouble. And AES helps a lot. First, they offer 3 ways to pay: web payments, bank payments, check payments. The fact is that payments are most popular because it’s very trouble-free to pay and these payments are rapid.

AES offers quality services for students who wish to have opportunities for fast and stress-free payments.

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