All You Need to Know About the Best Recipes for Canine Treats

March 21, 2012 · Posted in Food and Drinks 

Every loving pet owner’s priority is to have their canines at their best health. This is generally done through exercise, regular visits to the veterinarian and maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet. These factors ensure that he will be the strong and happy fellow you’ve always wanted him to be. This article will help you obtain the last objective quickly and easily with valuable information on canine treats recipesyou need to know about.

So what do you know about dog recipes? It is, after all, our responsibility to find out the things that enter our pet’s systems. Remember, homemade dog treatsdoesn’t mean that you go get whatever it is you find in your home. Not at all. Did you know that certain ingredients we humans take are dangerous for dogs to ingest? These should be avoided at all costs.

Are you on the lookout for dessert treats for Fido? If you are, you will do well to stay away from the seeds of fruits, macadamia nuts, caffeine, baby food, grapes and raisins. Chocolates also trigger heart irregularities that is potentially fatal when coupled with strenuous exercise. Do not give the dog sugar-free candies as well. Most of them have xylitol which has been said to damage dog livers.

How about treats of the more savory kind? It will be beneficial if you download the list of ingredients that have been tested to be destructive to dogs. Anything alcohol based, onions and parts of the tomato plant are bad for them. Liver, while an excellent source of vitamin A, should only be given in smaller amounts. Too much of it will lead to bone problems.

You may come across some websites that recommend certain recipes but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is right for the animal. Perhaps you pet has a health complication that warrant a specific adjustment to his eating plan. Before feeding the dog any of the treats that seem to be good, verify with your vet. Double check and look up the ingredients in other reliable dog sites as well.

Now, don’t get intimidated by the list of do’s and don’ts that seem to come up at you at every corner. Actually, as long as you know the food substances that you should stay away from, planning recipes for dog treatsare very simple. In fact, don’t limit yourself. Be creative in your menus! It should be an enjoyable experience that will solidify your bond with your pet.

Because I am sure you have an adorable pet with you, it might be difficult not to indulge them with these delectable treats. It is important though that you do not give in. There are so many health complications that come with overweight dogs. Ask your vet what the recommended weight for your particular dog is and make it a point to monitor the calories he takes in to maintain it.

Homemade dog treats really show your pet how much you care about them. Build your relationship when you start making these delicious canine creations for them – it’s well worth your time.

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