American Idol Judges as the Key Players for an Online Marketing Firm

February 27, 2012 · Posted in Web Design 

A handpicked group of judges on the panel of American Idol would make a stupendous online marketing firm. Simon Cowell would be the no nonsense head of the firm. J Lo, the Diva, would use her feminine wiles and well-earned reputation to engage her audience as she assumes her role as head of the social media agency. Steve Tyler, the Demon of Screamin’ would be in charge of creating a high-energy profile online. This trio would concentrate their creative juices in a joint effort to create a jaw dropping on-line presence.

Every season, avid fans would tune in to the show each week during the “hell week” of tryouts. It was stunning to view the endless strand of enthusiastic and cheery bodies waiting their turn to audition in front of this prestigious panel of music industry heavyweights. They are all on their journey to realize their “American Dream” to be the next American Idol. In a similar fashion, businesses all around share the same dream. That is to be a successful and thriving business!

Simon Cowell is the Pied Piper who instigates the thunderous assault of humans into select cities for American Idol auditions. Imagine what he can do for your online marketing. You can be assured to get a good snare with Simon’s global name recognition. Don’t forget about J Lo, the who is the head of the social media agency that is American Idol. She is best known for her portrayal of Selena. You have an automatic tap on the heartbeat of the Latino sector.

Steve Tyler is a die hard rock legend that charms both old and young alike. He is a well accomplished musician and an prime communicator both on stage and off. At a time when others thought he was washed up and preordained to be put out to pasture he amazed millions by making a huge comeback. What’s to say he can’t give you that sort of competitive edge! Reinvention and exposure is the name of the game in these unstable times.

Ryan Seacrest is the driving force behind the whole show. He is like the online marketing firm behind the client, working tirelessly to promote his brand. His work isn’t always recognized, but without it, there would be no show.

Technical accuracy is critical in the musical industry and it is the same for online marketing. Having these judges on your team send out a crystal message to the target audience. You are in it to win it! You evince the image that just like an American Idol contestant you have the inner drive to overcome any substantive challenges that come your way. Search Engines, beware, here are the blue-chip contenders of online marketing! Let the chips fall where they may you have the magical key to unlocking the door to success!

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