Amsterdam City Break

May 19, 2006 · Posted in Europe, Travel 

Choosing an Amsterdam city breaks is definitely a good choice if you want to experience art and life at its finest. It is one of Europe’s best city breaks and you wouldn’t regret setting your plans on this culture friendly capital. With so much to see and so much to do, you wouldn’t know where to start.

One of the most sought items of tourist while in a city break is the food because it can help them forget temporarily the hardship of life. Restaurants found in the streets would happily offer you tasty pancakes and mouth-watering pizzas that would make you feel true European cuisine. Internationally catered foods and recipes that came from Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia will definitely savor your taste. And of course, local cuisines made by genuine locals are served with great passion and you can feel their hospitality through their work, truly a magnificent work of art.

Boutiques and stalls can also be found in the streets beside the canals that go along the heart of the city. You can purchase local items and even genuine designer products at a low price and you can even discounts. Although the cost of living in Amsterdam is high, it is still affordable. You can also go on canal cruise for a romantic tour on the classical view of the place. Dutch buildings are installed since early 18th century and are still being used by the locals, a fascinating architecture made by true artisans.

For those who prefer daylight enjoyments, there are streets in Amsterdam that is full of bargain stores and other shopping haven. They sell from simple accessories to classy antiques and designer products, suitable for people who are exotic shoppers and shopaholic. After getting your hands full in shopping, you can watch open air concerts in the park while eating ice cream. You can also take a walk on their early century streets beside the canals and enjoy the picturesque view full of boutiques and stalls. It feels like you traveled back in time of 17th and 18th century.

Luxury isn’t necessary to make your dreams come true. City breaks are made to escape the harsh environment of work so it’s only natural that you relax yourself and enjoy the vacation. And as we all know, a perfect place is needed so why not take considerations on getting yourself an Amsterdam city breaks now?


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