An Excellent Business Site Cannot Depend On Great Appearance Alone

June 9, 2012 · Posted in Business 

Small businesses can market themselves effectively with a fantastic website. Needs vary from one business to another in terms of the sort of website they require. For some businesses, a basic site that is much like an online business card with basic information and contact details is enough, whereas most others will need a fairly sophisticated site which can receive payments and perform other functions.

Competition is tough for businesses in general, particularly in the current economic crisis and failure rates are at an all time high. Small businesses must compete alongside many others in their industry, of all sizes.

First impressions count, so the first consideration when it comes to your new site is the way it looks. For a site to appeal to the vast majority of potential clients, it will must look professional.

You could build your own site using any one of the many free platforms you can access online, but this cannot compete with the results you would achieve with a professionally built website. For the best chance of success, find a professional website designer to design and build your website.

A truly effective business site will need to do more than simply look great. Site functionality is essential. When visitors are exploring a website, they must be able to locate what they need and navigate their way around the entire site without difficulty. Illogical site layout, often due to over complicated design frequently leads to visitors becoming frustrated and this is likely to make them look elsewhere instead.

You have one opportunity to make the right first impression. If a person’s first impression is bad, they are unlikely to return to your site in the future. A website visitor could be compared to a person, walking into an actual shop for the first time. If it looks dreadful, the service is bad, the layout is frustrating or it is impossible to locate what you are looking for, you would hardly be tempted to purchase anything and are highly unlikely to ever return!

Another vital element of a successful business site is its content. Just like in a retail store, website content needs to be interesting and should be regularly refreshed. New content will grab the attention of visitors in the first place and its quality will reflect the quality of your company and brand image.

To maintain interest, it is essential to add to, update and refresh content periodically.

A professional website designer will have the skills and experience to build you a site that is attractive, functional and has the right content.

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