An Explanation Of Why The Future Of Drug Testing Is Mobile Drug Testing Across Many Businesses

January 31, 2012 · Posted in Health 

Many businesses are losing much money on a daily basis because their employees are using drugs either in their homes or on the Job. This is the major reason for the development of tests that are designed to check the use of drugs in the workplace. However, an objective observer will be quick to notice that the future of drug testing is mobile drug testing. The major reason for this trend is that it is usually cost intensive for business to conduct tests at an offsite.

The logistics involved in conducting tests for employees require that the company arrange transportation for the employees to the test center. Arranging transport for a large number of staff members is usually expensive and increases the overhead cost of the company significantly. More so, it has the effect of wasting precious company time that could have been used for productive tasks.

Another fact that companies have to deal with is that anything can happen during the course of transporting workers to the test center. If the workers were to be involved in an automobile accident, the company will be responsible for organizing a sort of compensation to those that are injured. In fact, the compensation may be little when compared to the lawsuits that may ensue.

If on the other hand, employees are told to go and submit themselves for the test, many of them will result to absenteeism because they will not show up on time. In fact, most of them will see it as an opportunity to go carry out some other activities. This is also a great waste of company time. Other may even inflate their expenses to and from the test center if the company is to pay such expenses.

The reasons enumerated above are some of the reasons that make most companies prefer mobile tests to the traditional tests. For instance, instead of them transporting their workers to the test center, the test agency will come down to the company facility to conduct the test. This ensures that the company does not have to bear transportation costs.

More so, the company also saves time when it chooses to conduct the test right there inside its facility. This is because all of the workers can go about their regular tasks until it is the turn of each individual to be tested. This ensures that important projects are not neglected and that the company can achieve its goals as far as production quota is concerned.

The best part is that the companies that conduct such tests also understand the sensitivity attached to drug tests, thus, they avoid making a fuss. This is of tremendous importance when the test is supposed to be a random test or when only a fraction of the workforce is to be tested. This ensures that the people being tested are not subjected to undue emotional stress.

More so, if you have doubts about the accuracy of the results, you will be able to send them to a lab for further analysis and confirmation. Nevertheless, some companies, are still making use of the old test system. However, as time goes on, they will probably come to the understanding that the future of drug testing is mobile drug testing.

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