Are Dentists Difficult Customers to Have?

December 15, 2011 · Posted in Dental 

Patients do not usually complain about their dentist, the people that do are professionals who have to work with the dentist. Some professionals claim that dentists are usually their worst clients, though no one really understands why. The frustration can sometimes be so bad that the professional ends up walking away from the business relationship.When a dentist is looking to expand their marketing and create a larger patient base, they will often turn to an outside marketing firm for help. The types of things that the dental practitioner will frequently ask the marketing company to do include things like handle IT projects, design a web site, handle public relations, and troubleshoot the office and determine what types of things that staff can do to both save money and make the office more efficient.

If a professional finds themself in a position where they are going to have work with a dental practitioner on a professional level, they need to take some time to get to know the office dynamics. The more understanding the professional has about the business of dentistry, the more patient they are going to be when it comes to creating a successful working relationship. It is very important that the profession understand that the office has its very own set of dynamics that the professional will not be able to change. Instead of trying to change things at the dental practitioner office, the professional should try changing their approach.

Your job will be lots easier if you spend some time getting to know the office staff and also starting to figure out the office dynamics. What you are specifically looking for is a person who can act as a go between you and the dental practitioner. This should be a person who seems to have a strong grasp of the business and who is also on good terms with the dentist.

An office manager is the ideal person to create a buffer between you and the dental practitioner. Dental practitioners are often poor at communication. They spend their entire day dealing with and talking to patients. The last thing they usually want to do is spend more time talking to another person about the business. The lack of communication can be intimidating.

Dentists are often bad when it comes to making a decision. They are comfortable with teeth, but not other aspects of the business. When you are hired by a dentist, it is important that you be willing to handle most of the work without their help or input. The more often you have to bug them with a question, the more irritated he will get. A constant flow of questions and/or feedback can cause the dental practitioner to start questioning your professional abilities and making him wonder, what is he paying you for.

When speaking to a dentist, it is very hard to keep their focus; it usually wanders back to one of their patients. This is another aspect of the relationship that can be troubled by poor communication. When the dental practitioner’s mind drifts they will often miss out on a crucial piece of information that they are being told. Later, when their life is affected by the information that they missed, it can result in a severe misunderstanding that can lead to strained relations. When dealing with the dentist, try to condense the information that you are providing them as much as you possibly can.

If you are a professional who finds yourself in a position of having to do business with a dental practitioner, you might have to change your approach. You should plan on doing a great deal of research and having to wait around a lot. No matter how frustrated you get, you need to stay calm and business like. If possible try to establish a relationship with someone else who works in the dental practitioner’s office and who will be able to provide you with the information that you are going to need.

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