Are Marriott Hotels Worth the Price Tag?

August 28, 2011 · Posted in Travel, Worldwide 

If you are a young traveler, Marriott Hotels might be the perfect company for you to check out for your lodging needs. In 2005, they unveiled their new room designs and innovations, which are aimed at a young urban traveler crown. Marriott hotels may not be for everyone, but the sure have some fun new ideas for the 21st century.

Marriott Hotels put a lot of thought into their new room design. One of the things that sets their rooms apart is the color. While most hotel rooms were previously always painted white or a cream color, Marriott hotel rooms now have different color palettes, which are designed to make you more comfortable and happy with your surroundings. Soft colors like creamy yellow are popular.

The style of the rooms in Marriott hotels is usually also more modern. Their rooms have furniture with clean lines and feature sleep artwork done by local photographers. Of course, they don’t skimp in luxury either, since most rooms have roomier showers, totally renovated bathrooms, and a variety of complimentary products for you to use or take home with you.

One of the best things about staying at a Marriott hotel is their realization that technology is very important, even to someone on vacation and especially to those on business trips. Besides Internet access, their rooms also include a safe drawer with an outlet, so you can securely charge expensive equipment, like your laptop, while you are gone during the day. These rooms also feature large televisions and a place to plug in your own sound equipment, like your iPod.

Most importantly, Marriott Hotels gives you rooms that are worth the price, because you’ll want to actually spend time there. This is great for someone who likes to use their compute while away from home, since pivoting desks are found in most rooms to allow you to work and watch television at the same time. Amazing lighting makes sure that you are comfortable, and they have real office chairs to further help you feel happy while away from home.


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