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June 30, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Computing the cost of insulating your home is made easy using an Attic Insulation Calculator. Blown in attic insulation averages around $0.60 per square foot. Labor, material costs and the nature of your attic determine the complexity of your insulation job which may make that average cost go up or down.

An attic insulation calculator can help you get reasonably accurate approximations for how much the overall expense of such a project will be. The online calculator typically has slots for data input where you type in the zip code, square feet of attic area and then click a button to arrive at your estimate.

The attic insulation calculator works on a basic framework of numbers based on average material costs and average labor expenses categorized by zip code. With a variation of 10% higher or lower than most quotes you’ll get from a contractor, an attic insulation calculator is a useful tool while working out budget estimates for your building.

So how does an attic insulation calculator work?

There are some data elements about your building that need to be provided for the calculator script to do its magic. The first is the area of your attic that needs to be insulated. Depending upon the type of insulation you plan to install, this will be the floor or roof space that will be measured. Another data point required is the geographical locale where the building is sited. This is because regional rates vary and that applies to material and labor charges. Some attic insulation calculator scripts even break down by zone, and this is based on local climate and weather conditions.

Here’s how the calculator script presents you with the details you require. Information about average rates and costs across the country are stored in a database. The estimated cost determined using an attic insulation calculator will be reasonably correct to give you a fair picture, barring any special needs such as insulating recessed lights or fixing multiple cracks and leaks in the attic. The result is a rule of thumb approximation of the information you need to make a reasonable estimate.

But it is also important to understand what costs will be covered in this estimate. Typically an attic insulation calculator will present you with the expenses involved in ordering, buying and having materials delivered. This will include any storage costs involved. The quality of materials that you select and the preference of any specific brand over others will impact this a bit. The automated calculator works on the basis of “building grade” materials which are adequate for most needs.

You can cost out premium materials at fractionally higher multiples. The estimate includes expenses involved with preparing the attic for insulation. If your attic has special requirements, you will need to pay a bit more to have them insulated.

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