Australian Shepherd Training Tips You And Your Canine Friend Will Find Useful

June 3, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Having a dog as a pet can be a really worthwhile encounter, but when a dog is not trained, it can immediately become a stressful one. Any dog can be trained with a bit of patience and using the correct solutions to teach your canine pet to obey at least a few basic commands could make both of you happier and safer. This article can help you and your canine pet to get started working together to accomplish some fundamental Australian Shepherd training.

When you take home a new puppy be sure to handle him often. This means touching him from ears to tail so he becomes accustomed to being handled by people. This will save you headaches at vet appointments, grooming parlors, training or even nail trims at home in the future since your four-legged friend won’t mind being handled as much.

Dogs need a well fitting collar and lead if they are to be properly trained. Do not choose these items because they are cute or because they have rhinestones on them. Choose your dog’s collar and lead based on the service you desire from them. Ask yourself if a halter might be more appropriate for your pet dog. Is a long lead required or would a shorter one be better? Make the appropriate choices and your furry friend will benefit. Once you have decided what type of collar to get, ensure that you know how to use it correctly. The collar can be valuable Australian Shepherd training tool however, incorrect use can harm your four-legged companion or anyone around him.

Speaking of harm, dogs should not be physically mistreated nor yelled at. A good leader takes time to research how to train a dog effectively, and does not need to yell or be violent. Swatting your dog with a rolled up newspaper or your hand only creates fear in your dog. Causing your dog to be scared of you makes your dog behave out in other ways, often unwanted behaviors which create more problems.

Your dog’s diet plays an essential role during training too. Is he eating a nutritionally-sound diet? Similar to children, dogs can become hyperactive, inattentive and even a little bit bratty when their diet isn’t right. Consider changing your dog’s diet to something more species-appropriate and he’ll have long-lasting, consistent energy all day long. Talk with your veterinarian for any specific nutritional needs he may need attending to!

Jennifer Powell aims to help owners make Australian Shepherd training easy. To find the ideas she is sharing to other dog owners, check out her site loaded with information for successful Australian Shepherd training.


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