Banish Your Adult Acne For Good

March 30, 2012 · Posted in Health 

Adult acne is no more pleasant to experience than the teenage variety. For some people, it can even feel worse because you might have thought you’d be free of pimples as an adult. Of course, there is no need to be upset because adult acne can be treated in any number of ways and in this article you will learn more about them.

If your acne is moderate or severe, washing your face a lot isn’t going to cure anything. It is still something that will help you in your big efforts to clear up your acne. There are some who believe that the best way to clear up acne is to really scrub their faces but all this does is cause more irritation. It’s best to wash your face twice every day using warm water that’s not too hot and a soft cloth rather than a rough washcloth. Over the counter cleansers are fine but only when they are free of harsh cleansers because otherwise they can make your acne even worse, particularly if your skin is sensitive. Your primary objective is to have clean skin and to be as gentle with it as possible.

Perhaps the most powerful natural remedy for acne is tea tree oil. This is a natural product that you can get in almost any store or on the Internet and it is at least as effective as the prescription based acne medications. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties that will help stop pimples before they form on your skin. The active ingredient in tea tree oil is called terpinen-4-ol, and that kills the bacteria that is known for causing acne. Tea tree oil can sometimes cause skin irritations when you use it for a long time or if your skin is sensitive so use it with caution. A great idea is to mix a couple of drops of tea tree oil with an acne remedy, a skin conditioner or an aloe vera based gel.

Certain cosmetic procedures can help remove acne scars. A chemical peel removes the top layer of skin, so any shallow acne scars will be removed. You could get a chemical peel on your face and have any acne scars that are there completely eliminated (or at least greatly reduced). Most people use chemical peels to help themselves look younger or to remove lines from their faces but some still use them for severe acne cases. These procedures can be performed in a doctor’s office or cosmetic surgery center. Of course, sometimes they result in temporary skin issues that are incredibly painful and they might even cause skin discoloration. When your skin heals, though, your acne scars should be gone. This is a process that you should think about if you have acne scars because it can be combined with other treatments.

While nobody is totally sure how much of a factor stress can be in terms of acne, health experts tend to believe that it is significant. That’s because when you feel lots of stress, you can experiences changes in your hormones, your skin and even in your internal organs. While lowering your stress levels might not immediately cure your acne, it is something that you need to pay attention to while you go after other treatments. After all, stress really affects your health as well as your well being in so many ways so it certainly won’t hurt you to try to find some ways to relax. If it will help you with your skin in the process, consider that an additional bonus. Adult acne can be really stressful but you should find reassurance that there are some very good remedies for curing it. Test some of the suggestions that we have talked about in this article because they have helped quite a few people cure their acne. You might need to make some dietary changes and try different things until you find the product that is best for you; you won’t have to live with your acne forever.

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