Bar Golf: The Newest Drinking Craze

December 14, 2011 · Posted in Food and Drinks 

Bar golf is a relatively new drinking game that’s gaining a large amount of popularity from the young adults around the nation. If you have not heard of the game before, below are the guidelines and regulations to creating your own game.

The premise of bar golf is to select nine of your favorite watering “holes” and set up different rules at each one to make bogies, pars, birdies and eagles. Obtaining an eagle at a hole would involve substantial more alcohol intake than getting a par which, in turn, would be tougher than getting a bogey. Extensive consideration must be taken to make sure the rules aren't all too easy or all too hard to attain. It is obvious you do not need a bunch of experienced drinkers to get an eagle on every hole yet you don’t want your fellow golfers to barf attempting to get an eagle on a hole. Bar golf needs time and consideration when planning. Here are a couple easy things to consider when setting up a game.

Keep it fun: The most vital part of any game is to have fun. Make it not only about drinking but other humorous activities too. The creator of the game should make their fellow golfers do random, embarrassing activities as an element of the game. This can include giving a high five, compliment, or chest bump to a stranger, quoting famous expressions after taking a shot or drink, doing push-ups or any other physical action in the middle of the bar. Take time and be creative when creating these as it tends to be the most significant part of the game.

Have several fouls set in place: Creating “penalty stroke” rules will make it so not as many persons tie at the end, while adding to the fun. Throwing up, forgetting to close a tab, not finishing a beer or going to the restroom on certain holes are all good concepts to add as penalty strokes to add to the variety of the game.

Set a cutoff point on each hole: Having a timeline for each hole will stop golfers from showing up hours apart at the end of the game. Not everything goes according to plan when alcohol is introduced but it will keep your golfers a little more organised and together than not having a timeline.

Pick the bars: Always attempt to select bars that are walking distance from one another. It's really important to remind yourself that you do not want golfers driving at any point after the first few holes. Having them all close together also helps on the timing and keeps golfers close together in case they don't want to go to all nine bars or are running behind. Dive bars regularly have the best atmosphere for the event.

Spread the word: Playing bar golf with just a couple of mates truly isn’t worth all of the effort. A great way to get the word out is to create an event on Facebook. While it is more fun to play with a good crowd of friends you also want to make sure it does not get out of hand. One bad seed can spoil the fun for a lot of golfers.

Safety First: The most vital thing to consider in bar golf is safety. This includes making absolutely certain that everyone takes a taxi home or has a sober driver waiting for them at the 9th hole. Have mulligans set in place to permit people to play without getting too intoxicated. Also, it is vital to remember this is simply a game. There is not any need for some “big shot” trying to prove he has the highest tolerance by going for an eagle on every hole and ending up in an ambulance. People who are bad drunks, too competitive or aren't in it for the fun shouldn't really be invited to attend the event.

It is vital to note that I do not condone any of these activities and that this article is for educational purposes only.

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