Begin The Steps Toward Achieving Your Commercial Pilot Certification Course

May 25, 2012 · Posted in Education 

There are reports that in the next twenty years hundreds of thousands of jobs are going to open up in the aviation industry for those who are qualified to fly the big jumbo planes carrying people all over the world. In order to qualify for this you must take a commercial pilot certification course, but the first step to moving up is obtaining your private pilot’s license.

The age to begin this process starts at sixteen and you can do a lot of the work necessary to qualify for the test you have to take starting at 17. You will have to get at least 40 hours of flying time in. Some 20 plus hours must be with the direct assistance of a flight instructor, and 10 plus hours has to flown independently of direct instruction.

You also must be able to speak English fluently and there will be a test to determine how proficient you are. This is necessary, because English is the language the aviation industry uses around the world and they want to make sure when you talk to the control towers you know what they are saying and they know what you are saying.

One also has to pass a medical examination by an approved by the Federal Aviation Administration as an Aviation Medical Examiner. There are stringent guidelines to pass and one must have this approval card and student certificate in order to start to fly solo.

After you have gone through these initial steps the fun begins. You will learn all about the procedures to be performed before you take off, learn about airport procedures, how to take off and land, using navigational equipment, how different speeds affect your flight, dealing with stalls and emergencies, and how to fly at night.

Once you receive your license you are ready to start moving up the ladder. Perhaps to the point where you will filling one of those openings in the aviation industry over the next twenty years.

A commercial pilot certification course will open up employment opportunities around the globe. You can learn more about the training by visiting the web pages at now.


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