Benefits And Drawbacks Of Haan Steam Mop

July 7, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Haan steam mop is made in Korea. The aim of the companies is to produce a large market for steam products at a good price. The vapor wipes have been accepted in the market and are mostly used in kitchen pick-ups and the general cleaning. However, the vapor is not very hot and does not have the tools that are required to clean very dirty floors.

It is easy to handle, light to carry, sanitized and eco-friendly. Its weight is reduced by heating sufficiently for 20 minutes and a light-weight structure is formed. It has features like 15 steam jets, multi-layer pads, disinfecting trays and a handle that can be adjusted. The mop is about 19 foot in length and 8 inch in width which makes it easy to move in large rooms and its resting mat and filling cup add to its advantage.

It offers improved sanitizing and cleaning services. This is because of the high temperature which allows it to adequately remove bacteria, termites and germs. The sanitizing tray also cleans other heavy items such as carpets, mattresses and drapes and removes spots in the items. It also has multi-layer absorbent microfiber which allows easy movement on the floors and this ensures that the floor dries fast.

The pads are usually washable or can just be dried and used again. It is quick to start and therefore less time consuming. Since this product is chemical-free, it does not pollute the environment and hence considered environment friendly. Instead of chemicals, this machine uses high temperature and disinfecting trays to kill germs and bacteria such as E.coli, salmonella on the floors.

The material used to construct the product is of high quality which makes it strong and long lasting and can be used for many years. The material is also 5-10 times slimmer than the common fiber providing a higher number of threads per surface area. This helps improves water absorption and also reduces the time spent to clean a given surface.

Apart from the advantages, the product also has a few drawbacks that includes the following. It holds small quality of water and one needs to fill it frequently. It cannot also rotate and therefore makes it difficult to clean around hidden regions. It is also heavy on the top and not easy to use in cleaning below the cupboards and other related hidden places.

It requires more heating time because it takes about three minutes to heat in order to produce steam. The vapor in the wipe is also not so hot and does not have the equipments needed to tackle the worst kind of floor cleaning-problems. It therefore wastes time during heating than other models and also more time can be used during cleaning.

Even with the few disadvantages, users still prefer Haan steam mop because it is one of the most reliable products which provide highly valued services. It has instructions that may be followed and its designs give fast cleaning techniques hence reduces work load. After cleaning with it, it feels nice to move around the house bare footed and do not feel any dirt on the floor.

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