Benefits Of Good Golf Shoes

October 24, 2011 · Posted in Entertainment 

Golf is a popular game played by men, women and even children. It is played outdoors for leisure, networking and for physical benefits. It involves a lot of walking and one is thus able to burn calories, workout the lungs and heart and relief stress. To succeed in this game one should be equipped with the right gear including clubs, bag and golf shoes.

Each round of the game involves standing for several hours and walking several miles. It is therefore advisable to invest in a shoe of good quality. Such a shoe has good traction, is attractive, durable, comfortable and waterproof. It enables a player to balance well when swinging on the greens or in wet conditions.

Some may have metal or plastic spikes attached to their soles. These improve traction thus enabling longer and more accurate shots. They form the foundation of the powerful swing and stance of the player. They normally have extra padding to support the mid-foot and to provide the shock absorption that one needs to drive the ball. They also have a fitting that is wider for more comfort.

Various materials are used to make them including synthetic leather or leather uppers. Leather uppers offer more support and waterproofing. Synthetic leather is cheaper though it might not breathe well or offer enough waterproof protection.

You could also choose from the different designs in the market. These include spiked designs or spikeless designs. You may also go for the style you feel comfortable in. The styles include traditional saddles, trendy or athletic styles. You could also go for sandals if you have a relaxed approach to the game.

The benefits of buying good golf shoes are many. They make the player comfortable during play and also avoid injury. This is because they have wide tract rubber soles that increase sturdiness plus sharp tongs that prevent slipping. They are lightweight yet firm and thus provide solid arch, stable support.

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