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August 28, 2011 · Posted in Fitness, Health 

If you want to really get into shape and tone and build your muscle while cutting fat, then perhaps the best way to do this is using home fitness equipment which has many advantages over going to the gym. You might not think it, but you can do an entire bodyweight workout using home fitness equipment and there’s no need for you to use anything more than you can fit into a front room or living room in order to train your whole body to a suitable extent.

In fact the only pieces of home fitness equipment you need to train your entire body is something for your biceps. All other areas of your musculature can be trained through bodyweight training. Here you have several options – something like dumbbells will allow you to do both bicep exercises such as curls as well as other exercises for elsewhere around your body which could include chest press, chest flies and a whole host of other movements. Likewise a pull up bar is also a great piece of home fitness equipment for your biceps and doing chin ups will strengthen your biceps while also developing your lats, your abs and core and the whole rest of your body.

However that said the more different pieces of exercise equipment you have the more thoroughly and the more intensely you’ll be able to train each body part. What you need to recognise here is that even a very good exercise that does a lot to improve your physique, is only as powerful the first time you use it. The more you repeat the same movement over and over, the more your body adapts and becomes accustomed to that – soon you’ll find that even on a heavy setting it is not enough to bring about major changes. Likewise if you have lots of home fitness equipment then you give yourself a wider variety of challenges and of things to do. This will mean that your workout stays more interesting and more pleasant and this in turn will mean that you are hopefully at least more likely continue to do it. This is particularly true of cardiovascular exercise. Here you can exercise in any number of ways such as running or jogging, but if you can do this in the warm in front of your TV and on the spot instead of having to run around the block or find room to skip, then you will be much more inclined to train regularly.

The best method then is to purchase some home fitness equipment – starting with something for the biceps and something for CV and this shouldn’t represent too much of an expenditure. From there then you can continue to add to your collection to keep upping the challenge and get your body guessing. You’ll then be able to work out from the comfort of your home with no need to pay for sessions or commute to the gym and this will encourage you to find time to work out even when you’re pushed.


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