Best Sounding Wind Chimes Are Classic Elegance

February 25, 2012 · Posted in Hobbies 

The best sounding wind chimes in the Woodstock Emperor Series are actually inspired by the ageless elegance and beauty of the Far East. There are currently seven chimes featured in the Emperor Series, but Woodstock is always looking for more fabulous designs to add to each collection. The Emperor Harp chime and the large Emperor Harp are two very popular selections in the Emperor Series. They are each made from ash wood with aluminum tubes, but the larger version of the harp features sixteen tubes rather than eight. Woodstock describes the sound of 2 tubes per tone as “giggling fairies.”

The Emperor Series also features 3 emperor gongs. Available in both ash wood and black finish wood, the Emperor Gong chimes are actually best sellers. The graceful design of the Emperor Series gong is inspired by the culture and beauty of the Far East, and the sound is robust and lovely. Like all featured chimes in the Emperor Series, the design is suitable to be hung inside the house, but it makes a wonderful sound when the wind catches it outside as well. The final featured chime in the Emperor Series would be the Emperor Chime. A beautiful piece of ash wood stretches across the four tubes for an unexpectedly full sound.

The 3 chimes in Woodstock’s Dharma series are made to pay homage to the spiritual nature of Dharma, and the underlying principles that Dharma emphasizes. The most recent addition would be the Dharma Bell Tree chime. The chime features a graduated design with three bells on the top, then two bells, then one bell, and then the wind catcher. Woodstock drew its inspiration for this Dharma Series design from the ancient concept of Dharma and the ancient practice of hanging bells above homes in order to ward off evil or maleficent spirits. The Dharma gong is another recent addition. The Dharma gong can be hung indoors or outside and it has a very full, pleasing sound when struck. Woodstock drew its inspiration for this design from the ancient practice of sounding gongs to ward off evil and warn of invaders. The third chime would be the Dharma cowbell. It sounds like real cow bells, but it has a very pleasing design, and is suitable to be hung both within and outside the home. This design is unique and fun.

This rich and layered custom inspired the Woodstock Gregorian Chimes. Individuals who enjoy the style and notes of the Gregorian chant, or maybe consider it a part of their cultural and spiritual heritage, would enjoy Woodstock Gregorian Chimes.

The Gregorian Alto Chime is a best seller in the Gregorian best sounding wind chimes collection. It features eight tubes for a full, rich, harmonizing sound. It is tuned to the medieval scale used in traditional Gregorian chants. The Little Gregorian Chime is likewise a popular part of the Gregorian Chime collection. The Little Gregorian Chime also features eight aluminum tubes, but they are smaller and lighter when compared with the Gregorian Alto Chime. Two other items in the Gregorian Chimes collection are the Gregorian Tenor Chime as well as the Gregorian Baritone Chime. Both Gregorian chimes have 8 aluminum tubes, but the tenor chime is made of polished ash wood as well as the baritone chime is made from fine cherry wood.

The best sounding wind chimes are the ones which are based on chords, music and the science of harmonizing musical tones. The detailed artistry involved in producing the best wind chimes you can purchase make a huge difference.


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