Bra Size Links To Back Pain In Many Cases

June 6, 2012 · Posted in Education 

Whether or not bra size links to back pain is a question that many women have asked themselves, and the answer is yes: Large busted women frequently experience discomfort that is chronic in nature, and this is usually felt throughout the center of the back or in the neck area. They may also find their shoulders are sore from their bra straps digging into their skin.

Such women may also find it difficult to participate in certain activities due to physical discomfort. This is because a large bosom can put excess weight on the chest’s wall. While the upper spine is quite strong, an excessive amount of weight on one’s chest can create significant discomfort, especially as she ages.

This can result in poor posture and even spinal deformity. In other cases, women with large breasts may lean forward in an attempt to conceal their full bosom. Although many times this is done subconsciously, it can worsen back problems and further affect the woman’s posture.

Pain resulting from the aforementioned circumstances is typically caused by strained ligaments and muscles. Problems such as this usually worsen over time. In certain instances, the pain becomes chronic and is virtually always present even though its level of severity may fluctuate.

However, women with large busts do not have to reconcile themselves to permanent discomfort. The latter can be prevented in many cases. There is no miracle cure for pain, however, below are some tips that will greatly reduce the possibility of permanent back problems.

Wearing a sports bra is a simple but highly effective remedy regarding the prevention of the aforementioned conditions. Such bras not only offer a greater level of support than their traditional counterparts, but they also force one to maintain better posture. The latter, as previously mentioned, is very important as well.

One may wish to consult a chiropractor who can recommend exercises to strengthen one’s muscles and ligaments, as well as improve her posture. This information can also be obtained on the Internet. If such options are pursued but no relief is found, a woman may wish to pursue breast reduction.

However, procedures of this type should not be taken lightly. The decision to have surgery can be a life altering one. All surgery is associated with a certain level of risk, whether it is a cosmetic procedure or another type of surgery.

This is why it is wise to make an appointment with a chiropractor to determine if every option has been exhausted before one considers surgery. After this has been done, the woman can schedule a consultation with a reputable surgeon and learn about any long-term side effects or risks with which such procedures are associated. In addition, such a professional is qualified to determine if the patient’s bra size links to back pain or if the discomfort is being caused by an underlying health issue.

Even when choosing cheap bras, you want to ensure good support and attractive designs. A wire free bra that doesn’t lack support is great for full-figured women.


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