Building a Computer From the Bottom Up

October 5, 2011 · Posted in Internet 

Have you read about Microsoft ReadyBoost technology in the press, but are disappointed it didn’t make its way into Windows XP? Are you reluctant to upgrade your PC or operating system, but wish for the increased responsiveness and performance benefits provided by ReadyBoost? Get eBoostr ( and give your Windows XP the same performance benefits as provided by Microsoft ReadyBoost, only without its limitations!

One of the biggest benefits of building your own computer is that you can customize it. You know what is most important to you. Maybe you are a graphics user. MP3′s might be the closest thing you have to a best friend. Perhaps you are writing the great American novel and you are mainly interested in text. If you are building your own machine, you can concentrate on what you want but if you’re building it for a third party, you obviously need to consult them first.

eBoostr ( does everything that Microsoft ReadyBoost can do. It replaces relatively slow access to hard disk by fast one to flash memory, allowing you to use up to four different flash devices, and provides the same benefits of increased system performance, improved application load times and better overall responsiveness.

I searched the internet for a few free guides. I tried to follow them but there was holes in them where they would forget to explain what quests to do, how to do them. Even if they did tell the quests I still spent at least half of my online time looking up the information on how to do them. Then finally, I came across a pay guide wrote by Brian Kopp. I had told myself I wasn’t going to actually spend any more money than my initial purchase of the game and monthly subscriptions on Wow but was desperate.

Be aware that the Motherboard will control the future of your computer. All upgrades will have to be compatible with your Motherboard. The chipset in the Motherboard deserves careful investigation. What will it support? Find out before you buy. Take your time. There are a ton of chipsets out there.

Not only does this guide give you exact coordinates of what quests to get, where to get them but it also links them together in the most efficient way possible. Sometimes you may have 4-5 quests that can all be completed in one general area. Brian makes sure that you do them all in that area rather than doing 1-2, running back to town, turning them in, and running back. He takes care of all the research for you.

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