Buzz Lightyear Birthday Invitations to Add Spice to the Party

April 6, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Children love Toy story and the characters associated with the movie. At some point of time, every boy must have dreamt of joining with Woody and his friends into their adventures and defeating the bad guys. If your little hero is also a fan of Toy Story, then you might be interested in hosting a Toy Story themed party and inviting his friends with the Buzz Lightyear birthday invitations.

First impressions leave a lasting impact on the minds of the guests. You can easily experiment with different colors and backgrounds of the birthday party invitations. You might need to design the invites in such a way that it holds the interest of the guests and at the same time keeps the excitement going for the party.

You can make the Buzz Lightyear invites unique by adding innovative wordings of your choice. Browsing through a number of blogs can prove to be useful since you might come across many phrases and sentences that might match with the Toy Story theme party. Ensure that you keep the guest list ready so that there is no delay in sending out the invitations.

The photo invitations are a huge hit amongst the kids these days. If you have an existing photo of your kid, you can have them uploaded onto the personalized Buzz Lightyear invitations. Many of the professional photographers have software that help in removing red eye from old photos and also help in adding different tones to the photos. You can even add cute mementoes in the form of gold coins for added effect.

There are many different ways to design the Buzz Lightyear themed birthday invitations. One of the most popular ways is in the form of tickets. In order to increase the curiosity factor amongst the kids, you can state that there is an attack from the opponent team and all rangers are required to report to base without fail. You can even add that guests will be let in only if the ticket invitations are produced at the counter.

You can have the birthday party invitations in the pocket style format. This helps in storing all the additional cards in different slots made on the invites. You can then send the direction cards along with the main invite so that it becomes easier for the guests to reach the venue.

If you are looking at ways to save money and use them for other preparations of the party, then you might find the Buzz Lightyear invites DIY kits useful. You can choose from a wide assortment of themed invitations and design adorable invites with the help of the instruction manuals that come along with the kits.

In conclusion we can say that the Buzz Lightyear birthday invitations are sure to keep the kids on their toes. They might even ask their parents to design similar invites for their birthdays. You can even add a smaller version of your son’s photo as stamps on the envelopes and send them out to the guests.

Toy story is among those very popular cartoon movies and you can have them as Buzz Light Year kids birthday invitations that can be purchase anywhere online.


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