Cataract Surgery Schaumburg May Help With Serious Vision Problems

February 8, 2012 · Posted in Beauty 

As we age, our eyes tend to lose some of the sharp and clear vision that was once enjoyed in our youth. However, many people, up to 50% of people will experience a clouding of the lens of the eye, called a cataract. Surgery is often needed to correct the situation. Cataract surgery Schaumburg may be able to aid in restoring the vision to one or both eyes.

Between the iris (colored part) and pupil (the black dot in the center of the eye) lays the lens. It acts as the filter that is needed to send the correct image and light to the brain by way of nerve signals. This lens needs to be clear in order for the brain to process the correct image. If not, images can be blurry and out of focus when seen by the patient.

Most instances of cataracts in the eye are the result of the normal course of aging, but other factors can cause or contribute as well. Traumatic injury or glaucoma also are factors in the lens of the eye becoming damaged or malfunctioning. Steroid use for other health issues or congenital concerns can also add to the chance of cloudy vision.

The first symptoms to signal a possible cataract include blurry or clouded vision, frequent changes in the glasses prescription, and noticing that colors that once seemed vivid seem somewhat muted. Night vision can be impaired, as well as the glare from oncoming headlights being bothersome or seeing a halo around the lights. This could be caused by other eye issues, as well, so a visit to the eye doctor is needed to determine the true cause.

Sometimes surgery is not the only answer, with a new eyeglass prescription and anti glare sunglasses may be the only needed remedy. If this does not work, surgical intervention may be needed to make the proper corrections to restore vision to the patient. Magnifying glasses that are used for reading may also provide a boost to the vision and allow the patient to be able to avoid further intervention.

Phacoemulsification, also called ‘phaco’ is the most common procedure performed to correct the problem. A tiny device is placed into the cornea area and ultrasound waves soften the lens. It is then removed by way of suction, all with a very small incision overall. This results in minimal pain and quick recovery to the patient.

A new, plastic lens is then implanted, known as an intraocular lens that then is permanent to the eye. Many people regain very good vision after the procedure. Cataract surgery Schaumburg can help alleviate the condition that is robbing people of normal vision. cataract surgery schaumburg

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