Experience Vacation at Its Best in South America

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South America is well known for its great sceneries and inspiring cultures that never fail to attract visitors. If you’re like many people who’ve grown tired of going to similar destination each holiday break, then it is undoubtedly high time that you get remarkable and see what the South American place can give you.

Isla Margarita Venezuela – Paradise Found

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When one thinks of an island paradise lapped by the clear cerulean waters of the Caribbean Ocean, one often pictures a destination where the people wear welcoming smiles, where the landscape is lush and verdant, the beaches white and pristine and the weather perfect all year round. But does such a paradise really exist in [...]

Schedule Your Copacabana Or Ipanema Apartments And Hotels Early For New Years

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Known for its world-famous beach, Copacabana is a spot which is hardly unheard of. The four kilometer beach front has well-known bars, eating places, high rise apartments, hotels and landmarks you wouldn’t want to pass up. This thriving region of Rio de Janeiro had been actually referred to as Sacopenap. The area altered its name when a church possessing the look-alike of Virgen de Copacabana had been built in 1892.

The Rhythms Of Samba Are Leading You To Rio De Janeiro

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Each the FIFA World Cup 2014 along with the 2016 Summer Olympics are traveling to Rio de Janeiro in the winter months, Brazil’s winter that is; and do not anticipate it to be anything like winter in Europe or The U.S.. Mid to higher 70 degree temperatures, gentle breezes and very few clouds. Naturally you can experience some rainfall occasionally and some cold nights (65 degrees) however in general the weather conditions in Rio during the winter months couldn’t be much better to explore essentially the most impressive cities on the planet.

Spend Less, Get More In Lima, Peru

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As we think about taking a trip, prices are our first concern. But are you aware that you can spend less and get more when you’re backpacking South America?

Feel At Home In A Rio Apartment

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Rio de Janeiro, nicknamed “Marvelous City” or simply, Rio, is the 2nd largest city of Brazil and 26th in the world. Beautiful, glamorous and exotic, it is the most visited city in the southern hemisphere. Renting an apartment Rio brings home the warmth of Brazil.

Top Ten Lima Travel Tips

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Lima, the capital of Peru, is one of the largest cities in South America and by far the largest in Peru. It also sees a large number of international visitors, because it houses the only international airport in the country. With its coastal location and modern shopping and dining districts, many travelers choose to spend [...]

Sao Paulo Travel Guide

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With around 20 million paulistianos (residents of São Paulo), there’s no denying that São Paulo is gargantuan. While it often competes with Rio de Janeiro as a vacation hot-spot, the city offers a lot that Rio cannot. While Rio has gained attention for its natural beauty, São Paulo’s appeal, as the economic and cultural hub [...]

Private Tours in Rio de Janeiro

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If you would like to experience the private tours of Rio de Janeiro, you’ll realize they are tailor made depending upon the time of the year you visit and your particular taste. The prices of day tours Rio de Janeiro will vary depending upon your hotel accommodations, the total number of travelers in your group and many other [...]

Where To Stay In Buenos Aires

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If you are planning a visit to Buenos Aires, you need to decide in which of the city’s 48 barrios, or areas you are going to look for accommodation. The barrios range from super luxurious down to cheap back streets, where you would, as a visitor, not really be safe at night.