Celebrity Magazine Diet Plans in 2012

June 15, 2012 · Posted in Weight Loss 

We have all known at least one friend who is seemingly addicted to ‘next big thing’ celebrity diets, right? You know the ones, you see them in glossy women’s gossip magazines each month promising quick weight loss results with seemingly no effort. Ever wondered why they don’t work? Today you’ll find out!

Today, fitness instructor Russ Howe gives you the lowdown on why you should always avoid these quick fix type diets and reveals why they simply do not work.

Usually people find they put weight straight back on and often end up heavier than when they started, despite trying their hardest just to get the physique of their favorite celeb.

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To get results with your weight loss you must realize a few important things about how these celebrity diets work.

First of all the celeb featured on the routine probably knows nothing about it at all, and is merely picked by the magazine to be the face of their latest issue in a bid to sell more copies. Second of all, the plan itself will have a few massive wrong turns…

* Cutting protein, carbs or fat out of your diet leaving you in a state of fat storage.

* Cutting down your daily calorie intake so much forces your body into starvation mode and leaves you in a situation where it’s actually harder to lose weight despite the fact you are seemingly punishing yourself for wanting a better body.

* Asking you to eat silly ‘next big thing’ foods and nothing else. Surely you’d be tired of eating nothing but salad for a month, right?

This leads you down a lonely, frustrating path. We all know someone who has attempted one of these quick fixes and usually they’ll see a fast weight loss followed by feeling quite ill and then piling the weight back on almost immediately after finishing their plan and starting to eat normal food again. This creates the yo-yo dieter, the perfect customer for these monthly magazines to sell a new concept to every month.

You see, the magazines are smart with their marketing and they know that gossip magazines aimed at women must include a few of the following to sell….

* Celeb gossip.

* How to lose weight quickly.

* Celebrities not looking at their best, shall we say.

* Shoes.

You also have the d-list types who sell dvd’s every Christmas showing how they dropped their belly fat over the summer months. Pay close attention to the people who do these, you’ll notice around May or June they’ll be featured in gossip magazines having piled weight back on again, and will release another dvd just in time for Christmas or New Year. This is a never ending cycle and the fact that the exerciser cannot keep the weight off all the year round shows the quick fix diet simply isn’t effective.

The fact remains your body actually needs a good supply of protein, a good supply of carbohydrates and a good supply of fat in order to function properly. Learning how to control these three macro nutrients will help you to not only lose fat but also keep it off forever. No quick fixes, fad food diets or over complicated celebrity diet plans necessary.

About the author: Russ Howe PTI is a respected Personal Trainer. Get your free short guide to Celebrity Diets.


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