Chaga Tea Side-effects

April 5, 2012 · Posted in Food and Drinks 

Many people have started drinking Chaga tea due to the health benefits they can receive but they're also considering what Chaga tea side-effectsthere are. It is also crucial to know what it is you are drinking and what health benefits you are supposed to be receiving.

Chaga is a type of fungus that can be found growing in states with often colder climates like Canada, Europe, Russia, Korea, and in the Northerly US. This fungus essentially grows on birch trees while it can be discovered growing on many other assorted tree types too. With reference to using this fungus for its medical properties researchers and scientists have found that the best ones to use are those found growing on the Birch trees. Researchers have the general consensus that there aren't any Chaga tea side effects. Though they have found no general complications re the Chaga tea this does not necessarily mean that nobody will have issues when drinking this tea.

The reason scientists and analysts use the Chaga found on Birch trees for their research per its medicinal properties is because the Birch tree has special complicated compounds. The complex compounds the Birch trees contain are called Betulin which are the same compounds found in the Chaga fungus but humans cannot consume the Betulin directly from the Birch trees. Researchers and scientists have shown that the Chaga mushroomhas the power to absorb and alter this compound into a form that humans can consume.

These complex compounds are what provide the Chaga with its heavy health benefits. Without these compounds there are still some health benefits to be received from the Chaga. Since there are no Chaga tea side-effectsand many health benefits from consuming Chaga people feel they do their bodies a lot of good when drinking Chaga tea. There is no harm in drinking the Chaga but there are a couple of things you ought to be conscious of because unless the complex compounds from the Betulin are removed correctly from the Chaga you aren't going to receive all of the health benefits that are publicized on product labels.

The reason Chaga is so powerful in the medical world, with the power to fight cancer and tumors, is often because the Betulin and other active properties are properly extracted. Though the Chaga itself contains some active parts it's the Betulin that really augments the medical properties of the Chaga. Analysts have discovered that there numerous paths to extract these forceful compounds from the Chaga without losing any of its active elements.

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