Cheat Days And Fat Loss 4 Idiots … What They’re Meant For And Ways To Make Full Use Of Them For Greatest Fat Reduction

May 17, 2012 · Posted in Weight Loss 

The 3 dieting days off which come immediately following each 11 day cycle when you’re dieting with the 11 day diet aren’t simply for fun or to provide you with a mental boost in order that you’re all ready for the next 11-day cycle.

Those cheat days are actually an important part of the diet plan, an important part of what makes it work so well.

Additionally they come with a surprise which just about any body on a diet will definitely look forward to.

Oh, and for quite a few, a draw back.

I’ll get into both the treat as well as the downside of diet days off after I explain a bit about just how diet programs with diet days off work to help you to lose weight.

A hormone called leptin stands out as the major player when it comes to diet plans using cheat days

The 11 day Idiot diet works through switching your carbohydrate and proteins consumption in a manner that encourages practically continual burning of excess fat.

The Anti-Starvation hormone, or leptin, is essential for this burning of fat.

In a nut-shell it works like this

When you have a high calorie intake your leptin levels are also raised so you burn fat.

When you decrease your intake of calories your leptin levels will fall and that places your system into starvation mode. Your body wants to keep all that body fat just in case things don’t improve. You quit burning fat.

Now the Idiot Proof Diet works by maintaining raised leptin quantities even while actually decreasing the calories you are taking in. It works well. You lose weight … and fast as well.

But at the end of the dieting cycle your system starts to realize that it has a calorie shortfall, your leptin levels start to slide and you begin storing fat, not burning it off.

Diet days off look after this problem

Diminishing leptin concentrations are the reason we’ve got cheat days. Throughout your three cheat days you enjoy normal meals, which means you eat a normal amount of calories. Your system says Whew, I’m not starving , your leptin quantities go up and you begin burning fat again. Your system has readjusted and during your next 11 day diet cycle you get rid of fat like mad.

But dieting days off may be discouraging

I said earlier that there was a downside to cheat days and this is it. A lot of people get overly enthusiastic.

A lot of people do not eat normally during cheat days. Instead they eat as if there will be no food tomorrow. They consume the most fat loaded meals they can place hands on and plenty of them.

The result of this kind of binge food consumption is pretty obvious, they put on weight.Gaining back a half pound or maybe a pound during diet days off is okay. However, if you are putting on any more than that then you’ll have thrown away just about one half of your last cycle and more importantly it makes it tough to get your mind back in the game for your next cycle.

How you can approach cheat days, and also the excellent surprise I discussed

You eat just like you typically would if you were not dieting at all but also making an attempt not to actually put on weight.

You eat carbohydrates and vegetables, various meats (or tofu if you’re a vegetarian), fresh fruit, desserts and a few snacks. You eat servings that leave you feeling contented but not “full”. Don’t dump a lot of condiments like ketchup or mayo on your food. A little bit goes a long way.

Here’s the treat I promised you. As part of your final cheat day, day three, get into the fats and carbs. Have pizza, peanut butter and jelly or some Fettuccine Alfredo.

This single day will shoot your leptin levels through the roof and you will be ready to burn fat like mad for your next 11 day cycle.

Really isn’t that a nice way to finish your days off and prepare for a brand new cycle?

By the way, you are not going to be deprived if you’re on the Idiot proof diet meal plan. You’ll eat four daily meals and you eat until you are content at each and every one particular.

I wish you good luck with your dieting efforts. And remember to go really easy on those cheat days.


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