Chip And Pin Credit Cards Assist In Fraud Protection

May 24, 2012 · Posted in Merchants 

Many are the times when users of credit card complain of fraud of different mannerisms. Due to the increasing demand for curbing this condition, most countries are now turning to the use of chip and pin credit cards. These cards are different from the initial types in that they do not use the normal magnetic strip commonly plastered across the back of the card. In contrast, the information on it is stored in a microchip hidden within it.

The other unique feature found on these cards is that the user has a unique PIN number that he or she alone can recognize. This therefore means that whenever a thief stills it from them, the card is rendered useless unless they know the number. They have helped cut down on theft in many countries, including Britain. Most retailers in the United States also recognize its use. The Canada is yet to accept its working mannerisms, hopefully by the year 2015.

The use of this type of cards has greatly reduced theft in many countries. Even if a thief steals the card, there is nothing much to do with it, as they do not know the secret PIN. It is highly advisable that a person does not share the number with any other person. Retailers and other merchandisers are advised to embrace this technology, as t is beneficial to them and their clients.

These cards are very fast when carrying out transactions. Unlike the previous versions where a person was required to give the service provider or sales person the card for billing, these types only require the owner to swipe it, enter their secret number and within minutes, everything is done. This is more convenient and time saving as well as safe.

Most places that accept the use of credit cards countrywide have invested in this machine. Such places include petrol stations, most companies, shops and retailers worldwide. Both customers and their merchandisers benefit from such transactions. They safeguard the customers against fraud while at the same time protecting the retailers against loss of cash.

The popular use of this card types has increased from static businesses to other businesses on the go. This has acted as a means of reaching out to targeted clients the world over because of the reliable payment mode. Consequently, more people both merchandisers and buyers attend trade shows and such like events to promote sales and boost profits.

It is wise to carry chip and pin credit cards while travelling. They provide an alternative means of purchasing goods and paying for services. As such, when an emergency occurs, this is the best partner to have.

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