Christchurch’s Cafe Revival

January 24, 2012 · Posted in Food and Drinks 

The cafe scene in Christchurch altered substantially in the year 2011. What at one time existed as a defined city centre with bars, eateries and outlets, now Christchurch has witnessed its cafes spread around the city attracting inhabitants and visitors to virtually all sections within the city. It is ideal for the suburbanisation of Christchurch as many regions were lacking developed areas of local independently owned stores and cafes. Visitors and locals continue to be spoiled for choice in terms of choosing the best place to eat.

But not only are cafes sprouting up around the outskirts of the city, cafes in the center of Christchurch are making a return. With the opening up of the city mall (which is where you can find three Christchurch cafes) and the re-opening of C1, a Christchurch caf institution, things are all looking great for the central city Christchurch cafe scene.

The people of Christchurch are captivated with cafes and coffee. In fact we have seen a bit of a coffee revolution during the last number of years. As a result of this increased popularity, the amount of cafes and eateries have considerably increased and coffee consumers have become relatively picky with where they’re going to have their hot beverage of preference. You can find plenty of types of coffees to select from in the local cafes. What’s more, customers in addition have a choice of cup sizes, sort of milk and number of espresso shots. Christchurch baristas frequently take the New Zealand top barista award which is passed out yearly, there are several schools in which barista beginners can go to learn how to make the best espresso.

Regarding what you should expect at a Christchurch cafe well it’s really a mixed bag. There are a number of cafes within the city all with their very own identity and style. What is excellent about the caf scene is that you likely will find a cafe that suits you. Additionally, cafes are appearing throughout the city practically every week.

If you are searching for a unique cafe Christchurch is the ideal city. Almost all cafes in Christchurch have re-opened in their previous area or have opened inside of a temporary pop-up position or have moved to a totally new site. Additionally, it is great to hear that a great many guidebooks still encourage tourists to travel to Christchurch whilst in New Zealand, particularly because of the variety of stores and cafes that are open.

The food items in cafes in Christchurch is usually viewable in glass units and you typically have a good choice of food to pick from (together with a blackboard menu that shows the daily specials). Many cafes choose to roast their very own beans, this way they have got full control of the final product (your cup of coffee).

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