Cinnamon and Diabetes

October 25, 2011 · Posted in Health 

The two main problems to insulin in diabetes type II are insulin resistance and impaired insulin secretion. The exact mechanisms that lead to insulin resistance and impaired insulin secretion in diabetes type II are unknown although genetic factors are through genetic factors are through to play a role risk factors for developing diabetes include heredity, obesity, and age lack of exercise despite the impaired insulin secretion that is characteristic of type II there is enough insulin present to prevent the break down of fat and the accompanying production.

A reaction to eating the raw bitter melon fruit that has been investigated is a hypoglycemic reaction. The bitter melon fruit has lectin like bitter melon diabetes which lowers the level of blood glucose by linking with insulin receivers and acts like insulin in the brain by suppressing appetite. The effect of bitter melon as a natural diabetes treatment in bitter melon diabetes offers hope to those who suffer from the 6Th largest fatality causing disease, diabetes. A bitter melon gourd called Momordica charantia in bitter melon diabetes is used in the treatment of the disease known as diabetes mellitus.

Studies have shown exercise being of immense benefits to cure diabetes and reduce chances of developing the ailment. Regular exercise helps cut down weight, improving insulin sensitivity, boosts the immune system, improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol also reduces the risk of heart diseases keeping one safe and healthy.

Organic diabetes supplement helps bring sugar to a good level. This item can be bought over the counter. There are a lot to choose from. One being flaxseed, which provides fiber and the omega 3. Organic supplements are a great health with diabetes supplying nutrients.

Diabetes vitamins People with diabetes tend to have lower levels of vitamin C in their bodies, which may be due to hyper glycemia levels hampering the uptake of vitamin C by cells. A 15 year study, published in the magazine of the American College of Cardiology, involving more than 1,500 women with diabetes found that supplementation with 350mg or more of vitamin C daily significantly reduced the risk of cardiac disease the combination of insulin to regulate blood sugar together with the use of vitamin C, interrupt blood vessel injury caused by the illness in patients with lower glucose control.

So before you consider a spice to help with your disease remember cinnamon and diabetes don’t work very well, but if you think this will help first think about what cinnamon is, simply a spice for cooking. Cinnamon was not introduced for diabetes it was introduced into our cooking. So cinnamon and diabetes is and always will be a none factual cure or a help mate for diabetes. So follow any method you choose just remember cinnamon and diabetes go together for some and not for others in their choice of medicinal methods. Make sure your choice is the right one.

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