Conquer the Planet with a Flooded Bathroom

December 2, 2011 · Posted in Family 

Let’s not mess about here – no pun intended – but it’s a basic fact of life that the, well, basic facts of life can sometimes strike at the most inconvenient times. Or, to put it bluntly, occasionally the loo gets clogged precisely when you really need it to be operational. And sometimes the hot water heaters break down in the middle of a shower, or you’ll get blocked drains just before the loved ones are about to arrive for a vacation dinner.

Was it Julius Caesar who said that the glory of the Roman Empire was not the monuments and the forum but the roads and the plumbing? I may bet he never had go despairingly searching for plumbing contractors late on a Saturday night.

Imagine trying to actually invade Gaul when your kitchen is flooded? Would powerful Carthage have been conquered if they’d installed some flush cisterns? Just as importantly, how are you going to run a small business or water the azaleas if your plumbing is in bad shape? Because much worse than needing your gas fitting urgently replaced is not knowing where it’s possible to find somebody who will do it. The only working plumbers I know of are the Super Mario Brothers – and they seem to be more qualified at saving princesses than toilet fixing and drainage blockages.

Whether you are undertaking routine household repairs or trying to find somebody to look after your bathroom renovations or kitchen renovations, a seasoned and authorized plumber can be more of problematic to find than that slippery ball of kitty fur and food scraps obstructing up your sink.

Don’t tackle your clogged down spout with a broom handle and a rusty pair of pliers. If you have a plumbing disaster on your hands – or you are making an attempt to forestall one from building up look online to find quality plumbing services in your neighborhood.

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