Creating Space With Outdoor Water Features

March 20, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Through the ages outdoor water features have played pivotal roles in private and public spaces. The fountains of ancient Rome most probably served as watering and washing places in earlier times but the fact that they were embellished with statues and gargoyles spouting streams of silver water shows that in the minds of civilized people there was more than utility value in mind.

In ancient cities potable water was made to flow from urns held aloft by beautiful female forms. It was kept fresh by being channeled into shallow troughs before being led away. When it was vile and polluted in spouted from the mouths of gargoyles. Such was the symbolism surrounding important features in public places.

Such psychological effects are unsurprising when one reflects on the relief that is gained when a thirst is slaked. After trudging through dry mountains or desert sands there is little that can equate with the pleasure of finding a cool pool and sinking into it.

The pleasurable sensations are so integrated in human beings that they extend beyond the senses to the emotions and the intellect. In urban environments plumbing has removed the experiences of being thirsty and then quenching thirst. Nevertheless, it seems that those sensations are genetically encoded, probably from the days when hunters and gatherers did know what it was like to be thirsty, and then to quench that thirst.

In private environments such as gardens and even roof tops water can be used for aesthetic, and hence emotional and psychological benefits. This has been recognized since early civilization. In the eighteen and nineteenth century landscaped estates and grand houses were erected, often with the profits made from slavery or plunder. Aesthetic effects were important. It was considered important to wed nature and art by diverting streams to form lakes and waterfalls visible from the front windows of gracious rooms.

Most people now live in small urban spaces with a patch of garden a few square meters in extent. The challenge of creating a perception of space and grace in such a paltry spot is much greater than that of beautifying broad acres. High end features can lift the unpretentious space and make it seem more spacious.

In confronting these challenges outdoor water features lend themselves as aids to taste and ingenuity. In perspective a small patch of grass can become a field adjacent to a waterfall and lake through which water circulates. The scale may not be as grand as the sky and the Earth but the feature can be a replication in intricate detail, of what happens in nature on a grander scale.

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