Creative Proposal Ideas: Success Guaranteed!

December 15, 2011 · Posted in Dating 

A marriage proposal is one of the most significant events of a couple’s relationship, and knowing different romantic ways to propose can make it a treasured moment that will be long remembered and appreciated.

Many things can set up a romantic mood – candlelight, long-stemmed roses, a decadent gourmet meal – but a truly romantic proposal will follow the three S’s of romance: sincerity, sensitivity, and sacredness.

City Scenes: If you live near a large city, you could always propose near a local landmark or somewhere that has a view where you can see the entire city.

With a Song: If you’re a songwriter, writing a love song just for your partner and then asking them to marry you is a great way to combine your love of music and your love for your girlfriend all in one.

Despite the fact that the wearing of a ring by a woman is a matter of choice, it is in fact almost obligatory due to the fact that it is so common. Many women do not even consider the possibility of not wearing one. Often, however, a man usually considers the wearing of a man wedding ring very carefully.

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