David Yurman Inspired Jewellery

July 26, 2012 · Posted in Hobbies 

David Yurman started his artistic profession like a sculptor throughout the 1960s. During this time his spouse inspired him to transform his sculpting styles into copper belt buckles and this was the start of things to come. He then labored for a brief time period with Cartier and attempted to broaden his experience with Tiffany but was turned down. This rejection inspired him to style and market his own unique jewellery designs which led to the creation of David Yurman Inc in 1979.

At that time the jewellery trend was gold chains and flashy medallions and he decided to buck the trend with twisted cable sterling silver, and also the gamble paid off. Within four years David Yurman received the 1983 InterGold Award which finally gave him the international recognition that he deserved. His signature collection features twisting sterling silver ropes, or “cables,” fashioned into necklaces, bracelets and rings. He went on to style and produce a wide range of pieces with a huge variety of styles. His experimental nature paid off handsomely and he soon became a recognised name in the jewellery industry. People started clamoring for his designs.

This is basically the way that most all rings and bracelets are made, although there is finishing work that has to be done after it is cast, the basic form of the development is determined in wax. Its called the “lost wax method” and it has been in use for thousands of years.

You can get bracelets and easy chains for new born children, stunning earrings for teenage girls along with a selection of wedding jewelry including grooms and bridesmaids. David Yurman creates higher end jewellery but most people find them to be quite expensive. The solution came in the form of designer inspired jewellery. Professionals examine the trends set by the major players and create designer inspired pieces using less expensive materials. They might not use the exact same material as the original but they sure look as if they do.

The wax ring or bracelet is then given to the jeweler who then encases the wax sculpture in plaster. After the plaster that encases the wax ring or bracelet has cured and dried it is placed in a hot kiln so the wax piece inside of it can melt and burn out. What is removed from the kiln is a chunk of plaster that has the hollow shape of the ring or bracelet in it where the wax was.

Its sizzling colors and texture would speak for itself. It is double layered and can be worn on both sides. Each bit of wrap skit is uniquely hand made and there can not be 2 same pieces. Your wardrobe should be the reflection of your personality, your taste and your creativity. Mix them well – blend them – re-mix them and create your unique style and make the designers follow you.

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