Dedicated Server or Cloud Hosting – Which is Better

January 6, 2012 · Posted in Business 

Even though dedicated servers have been a successful choice for many businesses over the years, it is only natural that people will continue to look for the next big thing. You cannot have failed to notice the importance of the cloud in recent times and this had led many to think that cloud hosting is the future.

There are definite benefits to using cloud hosting for your website but there are still a great number of benefits in using dedicated servers which means this option should not be ruled out. In essence, this decision will still come down to a personal choice but there are some ways in which you may find one of the two options provides the better outcome for you.

Security is always an issue to be considered and many will say that cloud hosting provides a great deal of safety and security because data is stored on a variety of different levels. This is a good thing but many people question the security of cloud servers, which may be easier to hack or attack. This has to be considered by any potential web host.

This can be partly done through using dedicated servers and taking full control over the configuration of the security measures implemented. People like knowing what they are paying for and dedicated servers allow full control and visibility by granting access to control panels. It also means you use what you pay for.

Given that there is so much choice between different dedicated servers and hosts, it is difficult to provide a complete overview of dedicated servers and cloud hosting but there should be more than enough options to suit everyone.

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