Delicate Dark Chocolate Truffles Are The Best

January 12, 2012 · Posted in Food and Drinks 

A true delicacy is the dark chocolate truffles. These delightful treats are made from cacao that’s put into warm cream and melted together, now called ganache. After completely blended well they are then poured into round molds to set. They’re usually put into round molds but other molds are sometimes used as well.

After they’re dried, then usually they will be rolled into a very fine cocoa powder. But also some are known to roll them in finely grated coconut flakes that are not sweetened. Some roll them in very finely chopped nuts as well. It all depends on the person’s taste who are making them or even who they make them for.

This delicate treat melts in your mouth the second it hits your tongue. There’s nothing like it, the smoothness is like liquid silk, so warm and delicious to your senses. You just can’t go back to a regular candy bar after being treated with this type of candy.

Even though sometimes they can be made from milk or white types of cocoa, the darkest cocoa is the best. Most prefer this darker version because of it’s great strong flavor. Other’s choose it because of all the talk about it being healthy for you. Professionals have claimed that eating cocoa with a percentage rate of seventy or higher, is good for your health.

Not only is it a treat because of its great flavor but because there’s no guilt in eating it. Having something you really crave that’s now considered a healthy snack is great. No wonder this is gaining popularity around the world.

Delicate dark chocolate truffles are the best to most that have had the opportunity to try them. This wonderful candy is popular in just about every country around the world. They make a special gift to someone you love and they make a treat to yourself. If you’ve never experienced this treat yet then you need to buy a bag and see what you’re missing out on.

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