Delight Your Special Someone With a Beautiful Diamonds-By-the-Inch Necklace

February 3, 2012 · Posted in Dating 

Diamonds by the yard necklaces are often in demand during the traditional gift giving holidays, from December’s plethora of celebrations including Christmas & Hanukkah to Valentine’s Day every February 14, & they also make wonderful gifts to celebrate a lady’s birthday or a milestone anniversary. Many women who are moms will receive diamonds by the yard necklaces as presents on Mother’s Day from their husbands or grown up children. Still others will celebrate their own independence & success by buying diamonds by the yard necklaces for themselves; for professional women, the formidable yet feminine diamonds by the yard necklace is the ultimate power accessory.

These beautiful diamonds by the yard pieces come in different patterns, shapes, lengths, metal types, styles and with other colored stones that look very attractive. A fashionable diamonds by the yard necklace is trendy and chic for the fashion conscious woman. You can wear these divine creations of diamonds by the yard necklaces and flaunt jewelry diamonds by the yard in your casual wear, party wear or even formal wear.

The basic technique of creating this personal adornment masterpiece begins with the molding of a “station” style setting that holds a very small, perfectly cut diamond without revealing too much of the metal. This setting style actually leads to the second name of this type of precious personal accent which is diamond station necklaces. Then, the diamond pieces are pulled together on a chain of any type of precious metal-held in very tight so that all you see is a beautiful rope of diamonds which looks like a shimmering string. Since the entire piece of jewelry is based around having a chain that is encrusted with diamonds, the main forms that you can make are of course a necklace or a bracelet.

Diamonds by the yard necklaces are simple chain necklaces that feature round brilliant bezel set diamonds evenly spaced throughout the chain. The effect is pure elegance. The length of the necklace and the chain metal and style most affect the necklace’s overall look.

While any diamond necklace can look great for almost any occasion, a Diamonds by the Yard necklace really stands out. Having a string of tiny diamonds that reflect at all angles to awe and inspire people with its allure is only possible with a diamond station necklace. This type of necklace is usually available in various lengths, such as 16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches. Each size looks best on a particular person. If you are taller I suggest going for the longer length, and if you are shorter than go for the 16 inches.

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