Demand of CNA in medical world

February 10, 2012 · Posted in Education 

Turning into a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a smart career decision. CNAs are in large demand in area of medicine. Obtaining a CNA authorization is less complicated and changing into a CNA is affordable. This is a rewarding career for people that wish to help disabled, old and sick people. They work in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabitations and other medical care facilities.


Certified Nursing Assistants/CNAs are between the most important people for clinical supervision. They work under the supervision of doctors and nurses. They also look after patient’s daily activities like feeding, cleaning, grooming, walking and other similar activities. They have to pay lot of attention to the patients ‘ general health status.

They help the doctors and nurses with medical procedures. They need to keep a record of patients ‘ crucial signs like temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and plenty more. Often, the information given by the CNA can turn out to be the one which save patient’s life. So , one should be cautious while collecting the data from the patient.


CNA/Certified Nursing Assistants usually work in hospitals, nursing homes, elderly homes, rehabitation centres and other medical places. They can also work in personal homes as a caretaker of a patient. For getting the job they must clear the CNA License Examination. Working as a CNA is the start of their medical career. While working as a CNA they can begin getting ready themselves for becoming medical nurses or maybe doctors. Therefore they're going to get huge advantages by becoming Certified Nursing Assistants for future roles.

Qualifying CNA License Examination

To become CNA, students must complete CNA training program. Only the High School graduates are suitable for getting CNA training. The CNA training programs are offered offline and online. The web CNA programs would be beneficial for those that don't wish to lose their job to get the CNA training. The offline trainings are offered by hospitals, community colleges and nursing homes. The CNA Certification training is 2-6 weeks long which includes 75 credit hours.

The training programme includes tutorial, practical and clinical training. The educational or idea course covers anatomy, biology, chemistry, nourishment and basic nursing talents. The practical talents include physical, communicational and observational skills.

After completing CNA training, the very next step is to pass the CNA Certification Exam. You have got to cover written, oral and practical sections in the exam. After passing the exam you are legally authorized to work in medical fields.

The job of CNA isn't the easy one, it is challenging and you've got to face many problems when you are concerned in this career. But on the other hand, the demand of CNA is growing day by day and it has been demonstrated to be beneficial for those that intend to work in this career.

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