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November 30, 2011 · Posted in Communication 

It is now being commonly believed that the government free phones is nothing but a socialist program. At least, this is what the Right Wing would have us all believe. However, this cannot be true as the program helps the weaker sections of the society by giving them a phone as well as free air time. Assurance Wireless is the program created by Virgin Mobile which gives a free phone as well as free talk time and this program is endorsed by the government.

Virgin Mobile is offering free Kyocera Jax phones and this is given along with airtime of 200 minutes each month to people who are disabled or under financial distress. This service is being offered in the states of New York, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. The other major competitors are TracFone and Safelink Wireless as the latter offers only 60 minutes and this also varies from state to state.

To avail of this program one should be already availing of other government assistance such as Food Stamps, Medicaid and so on. These types of government free phones were available right from 1987 after the Telecommunications Act which was passed in 1996. During President Bushs time the program underwent some modifications and Safelink started giving off these phones from the years 2005 to 2008. There were several other programs that supplied such phones right from 1985.

In the bills itself the name of Universal Service is mentioned and they are the ones who actually fund the program. Previously, this fund was used to offer discounted phone bill services for those who had some physical disability and this program has been modified these days. It now offers free wireless service along with the phones. There are many people who are homeless and who have to constantly move about from one place to another and live in motels. These people will be greatly aided by such programs in America today.

Safelink operates in about nineteen states but Virgin gives more minutes and they also have a better coverage. Virgin Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint and so it uses the Sprint network for its service. There are various other big cell phone companies that are backing the government free phones and are participating in the Lifeline program. Many of them provide free phones while some of them may provide subsidized ones or some discounts on airtime. All may not be free services.

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