Different Self-Help And Treatment Modalities For Obesity

January 4, 2012 · Posted in Health 

Obese individuals often experience being stigmatized and discriminated against in many areas of their life, which leads to them feeling insecure, unwanted, and depressed. Aside from that, as one becomes more and more obese, his or her quality life becomes poorer and poorer. Not only are they faced with a number of health issues ranging from cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, osteoarthritis, they also have the risk of dying prematurely.

On an individual level, obesity is caused by excessive food intake and sedentary lifestyle are the primary mechanisms that lead to obesity. There are also a few cases where obesity is due to underlying medical problems, psychiatric illness, and genetics. On a societal level, the easy accessibility of fast food items and increased reliance to machines to get things done are major contributory factors to obesity.

In order for one not to become obese or to slim down, engaging in physical activities is necessary. You don’t need to hit the gym to lose weight. Allotting forty minutes daily to moderate-intensity aerobic physical activities, like walking, can help you lose excess pounds. Apart from aerobic physical activities, it would be best to incorporate resistance training in your routines for you to build muscle strength.

Going on a diet is also an important element of your weight reduction program. Cutting down on your total energy consumption and not taking in foods that are laden in complex sugars and salt, and those cooked in saturated fat can certainly assist you in your weight loss objectives. It is best to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains and nuts.

One can also benefit from using the best fat burners in the market today. Some studies do show that oral L-carnitine reduces fat mass and fatigue and increases muscle mass which may contribute to weight loss in some people. Green tea extract is also one of the best fat burning supplements available these days. It is made up of polyphenols and caffeine which are known to improve your metabolic rate and thus facilitate weight reduction. Aside from that, studies about green tea extract has shown that it is effective at bringing down diastolic and systolic BP and cholesterol levels in the blood, thereby decreasing an individual’s risk of developing disorders affecting the heart.

Although these products have shown varying degrees of efficacy, risk associated to their use is not totally removed, even for those marketed as completely natural. Ephedrine for instance, considered by many as one of the best fat burners, can cause confusion and cardiac arrhythmias. Hence, it would be best to discuss with your doctor to ascertain which best fat burning supplements you should use.

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