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February 27, 2012 · Posted in Business 

In today’s difficult times, rebuilding and upgrading heavy manual machine tools and old cnc machinery retrofit makes more sense. The main advantage as apposed to new machine tool replacements includes fast turn around, in most cases no new foundations, minimal workshop disruption, added value to your existing machine and production increase.

THE Enginnering provide added value to your existing tool machines, heavy machine tools and cnc machine tools, which incorporate gantries, turret lathes, plano millers, crane gantries, boring mill tables, lathes, Computer Numerical Controlled tool spares, spare electronics, calibrating and alignment, site mechanical and electronic support, engineering and movement.

CNC rebuild, cnc retrofits, machines tools rebuild, THE Engineering which was est. in 1972 has been servicing clients all over the world for more than 40 years. Pre-determined checks, agreed specs, mechanical and cnc designs, precision alignments, accuracies, calibrating and verifying. THE-Engineering computer numerical control retrofits is completed by precision engineers. Manufacturers specifications are either matched or improved to international standards for the particular heavy instrument. Old cnc machines are restored to their original manufacture state.

Heavy Engineering offer a complete site packaging services for all your requirements, whether it be a single piece of machinery or a complete production site. We can prepare your industrial equipment by containerizing for shipment to any country by sea, land or air. Your equipment can be packed for shipment any time, any where. Equipment and engineering equipment can be prepared ready for international transport safely.

Delicate machines are packed securely and individually, with location dowels, nuts and bolts, spacers and are marked and packed seperatly with the associated componenets, avoiding misplacement parts and damage to components and equipment, resulting in cnc machine tool reassembly in a timely manner. Our skilled packing technicians work together with our dismantling team to minimize disassembly, whilst maintaining the original condition of the machine, all original surfaces are protected using Tectyl and anti slip and protection.

Learn more about machine tool rebuild. Stop by the enginnering site where you can find out all about cnc rebuild and what it can do for you.


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