Ease Your Baby’s Misery With Teething Necklace

July 21, 2012 · Posted in Family 

Teething is the worst, hands down. Generally, the teething necklace have been an epic failure in soothing the symptoms of teething. Unfortunately, so has nearly every other gadget well-meaning manufacturers have desired to provide for fussy, sad babies, and their equally fussy, unhappy parents.

It can be very difficult to determine when a child is teething since the symptoms include fever, runny nose, ear, and jaw pain. Often, we had to eliminate other, more severe ailments before we felt comfortable settling on the fact that the kids were “just teething”; a big understatement, as it can be very painful, and may take months to make a single tooth. I don’t know of any parent that isn’t frantic to provide alleviation for a child’s pain, especially when they’re helpless to have any real impact in alleviating pain. We tried every method conceivable, mostly to no avail since many of the supposed cure-alls were nothing more than a bunch of buzz, pure hooey, or both. A few lucky children exhibit few symptoms, if any at all.

The most recent fad for desperate parents is teething jewelry or bling. I think the difference in labeling would depend mainly on how many of the increasingly popular diva personality traits parents want to instill in their child from the outset. Teething bling comes in several designs, but is quite often a donut shaped stone hung on a simple cord that is absolutely not representative of the diamond studded, showy assortment peddled to adults.

Evidently, one of the main purposes for the bling version is to grant babies their own necklaces to tug on, rather than Mom’s, which I doubt has much effect in avoiding babies from grabbing flashy jewelry. The teething necklace for mom, as well as the silver teething necklace, also given in an assortment of shapes, and sizes, is likely to be more successful as it is worn by the mother, instead of the baby. Presumably, this version, and the normally soft, crocheted nursing necklace “justifies” moms’ reasons for wearing necklaces of any kind in a way that is “safe.” Really? I wasn’t conscious that moms had better have a darn good reason for wanting to get gussied up a bit to make the transition from feeling like a stain riddled, worn-out, over-used dish rag, into regaining a little of the humanity (and rest) we all lose when taking care of a newborn. I’ve been on the getting end of an unexpected grab for jewelry. I could say straightaway that the safety of my intact earlobes and capacity to breathe were in far more jeopardy than my capacity to thwart any ominous, evil plans my accessories may have had to destroy my children’s well-being. But, of all the teething necklace options, this may be the best in that babies are more likely to utilize it because of their need to taste test everything within reach.

All babies has strong preferences for what is alleviating to them, and what is not, but I have never known a child who chosen necklace style teething relief. My son liked Otter pops. He could hold the long plastic wrapper in a towel by himself, they taste good, and the cold made his gums feel much better; I liked the small amount of mess created when he ate one. My youngest son loathed them. My eldest disliked the frozen teething wrings; my youngest did, too. I can’t really accuse them since no one likes grasping what amounts to an ice cube in their plain hands.

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