Easy Tips For Toilet Repair

July 10, 2012 · Posted in Home improvement 

There are many issues that most homeowners can handle themselves when it comes to toilet repair. Knowing a few simple hints and tricks can help you to get this much needed object back up and running in no time. Often you will only need a few simple tools, such as a screwdriver, plunger, gloves and common household items.

Help for when it keeps running. This is a common issue that happens in many homes. It is annoying and wastes water. Luckily there are some easy fixes that can be tried. Check the flapper. Push the flapper down, if the water stops running it means that your flapper is not sealing properly. A visit to the hardware or home improvement store is where you should head to buy a new one.

If your flapper appears fine, check the fill tube. It should be above the water line. If it below the line, this needs to be replaced with one that will be over the line. This again is an easy fix that can be accomplished after a trip to the hardware store.

If the suction is not pulling the obstruction up, you can use a wire hanger. Unfold the hanger so you can use it to poke around in order to break up whatever is causing the clog. Poke around in different spots to clear all the debris.

For constant running take the lid off of the tank. Look inside. If you notice that the flap is up, put it down. If the running stops, your flapper is not closing correctly. Buy a new one to replace the one that you have. Take note of the fill tube, if that is below the water line, you need to replace it with something above the line.

Each of these toilet repair tips takes only a few minutes to complete. By thinking about what is going on, you can easily diagnose what it is that you have to do. Of course if you do not feel comfortable making these repairs, call in a professional.

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